Hair transplantation day by day

Hair transplant day by day in Pakistan- When you are planning for a hair transplant surgery, you need to find a good clinic and an expert surgeon in your area. You can find them through some search engines on the internet or visiting yourself. After selecting a clinic, go for consultancy session with the surgeon. At this day, you can check hygiene of that clinic where you will be treated. You can also ask cost spend upon the whole treatment. If you are satisfied from the whole set up, you should make appointment with your surgeon. He will advise you to follow some important instructions before coming for surgery. He will also tell you about which method he will use for your treatment.

One first day, you should reach at clinic on the time given by surgeon. His staff will warmly greet you and take you to the room. Doctor will check your blood pressure and check that whether you follow pre-surgical instructions or not. If he will be satisfied from your medical history, he will take you to the surgical room. You will be seated on a comfortable seat and doctor will give you some newspaper or magazine to read. He will give you anesthesia so you may not feel any pain during surgery. He will remove follicular unit cells from donor area of your head. Then, he will separate each graft from the other. He will make small cuts on recipient area of your scalp. He will implant the follicular cells in those cuts. This session lasts from four to five hours. You will be given lunch and refreshment.

On the second day, you can sleep well, but you can feel some pain in your head. You can also suffer from mild swelling of scalp sometimes. Your wounds will be healed within three days of surgery. You need to wash your scalp as advised by surgeon. If you feel much pain, you can use some painkillers.

On the third day you may get rid of pain and discomfort. You need to visit your surgeon. Properly cover your head if you are going out in sunlight. From first to seven days of surgery, blood will clot in your cuts and their color will become pink. Redness of treated area will be decreased.

On tenth day, surgeon will remove staples from your scalp. From fourteen days, hair shedding will be started. After three months, you will see hair sprouts arising from your scalp. You will temporarily feel that your scalp consist of some ingrown hear. New hair will be started growing on your scalp. On fifth months, hair will be grown up to three inches. On eighth month, you will find a significant difference from your hair on the first day of surgery. Hair will have thick texture and their density will be increased.

After one year of transplant, you will find normal hair on your scalp. There will be no apparent difference among your transplanted hair with the others. Now you need to take proper care of your hair.

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