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Hair transplant surgery in Cuba is routinely performed by hair physicians. There are many best class hospitals in cuba for medical and surgical treatments but cosmetic and plastic surgery is not so much advanced and people prefer to have cosmetic surgery procedures from abroad. Hair restoration is an art and this field is not well recognized by state run institutions,the main reason less hair surgeons in Cuba. Hair loss and baldness is present in Cuba and people search for hair loss treatments & solutions. Most of people did not find reputed hair clinic in Cuba and consult our online appointment and booking system where hair loss experts guide and help you for hair restoration. Our staff will guide you for Air ticket, hotel room, pick/drop from airport and safe hair transplant surgery and back to Cuba.

Fue hair transplant Cuba Patient photos

Questions about Hair Transplant in Cuba Cost? Get answers in 12 hours.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello rick, We don’t know quality of hair transplant in Cuba. However if you can do little search on internet and see best hair transplant clinic in Cuba or results and see patients reviews and photos,definitely it would help you to find.

  2. rick /

    Hi please send me a link to a website for FUE transplant in Cuba.

  3. admin / Post Author

    Hello rick , we charge 1.00$ per graft by FUE method. However for 3000 grafts you will get 20% discount on Fue procedure and 3000 grafts will be placed in six hours.

  4. rick /

    hi I live in florida and I’m looking for FUE about 3000. what is the cost?

  5. admin / Post Author

    Hi, 3500 Fue grafts by Fue hair transplant technique will cost you 3000$

  6. Rocky /

    I need 3500 fue hair transplant ! What is the cost?

  7. admin / Post Author

    Hello, please click this link to check our location

  8. admin / Post Author

    Hello, Yes we can transplant 2500 grafts by FUT method and 2 nights free hotel stay near our clinic. There is No air ticket included in it. However we can help you for reservation.

  9. mike /

    hello dear i need a 2500 Grafts but I gonna sent u pictures of my Head 1000 Euro including air fare and 2 night hotel special package can u pl. sent me some details I ,M from canada thanks.

    mike sarwar.

  10. mike /

    I’m interested in fue transplant where are u located

  11. admin / Post Author

    Sir, We are offering best hair transplant prices and most popular packages are 2000 and 4000 grafts. We charge 1000 euro for 2500 grafts by strip procedure. However for fue we charge 1800 and 3600 euro for 2000 and 4000 follicles respectively.

  12. Kachaloo /

    Sir how much is the exact package for how many grift ?i need your website to contact

  13. admin / Post Author

    Sir, You are welcome. We will transplant you 2500 grafts by strip in 1000 euro and if you choose fue then 2000 euro.

  14. Your name /

    hi sir, am a jamaican gentleman looking to do some hair transplant. i already did my consultation in london and was told i needed about 2500 follicles. Am interesting in your package.

  15. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, we have sent you detailed reply on your email and we are offering special packages for our international customers. You will get 2000 fue grafts in 1800 euro and 2 nights hotel stay will be complimentary.

  16. FUE hair transplant /

    Hi, i live in Havana and interested to get fue hair transplant procedure. Can you guide me how to proceed for Follicular unit extraction.I need 2500-3000 follicles.

  17. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, thank you for your interest. Yes we can perform your hair transplantation. You can fill our online appointment Form on left side and our staff members will reply you promptly. How many number of follicles required depends upon your area of baldness. It will be much easier for us if you can send your close up views of bald area from different angles as well as donor area. However to give you an idea we charge 1000 euro for 2500 grafts and 2 nights hotel stay included in this package.

  18. Cuba hair transplant /

    Hello Sir, i am 42 years and want hair transplant surgery. what is procedure to get appointment and how much number of follicles required for me?

  19. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, we have already replied you by email. Please send us your pictures for evaluation and mostly people who are coming from cuba choose 2500 follicles @ 1000 euro including 2 nights hotel stay.

  20. Baldness cuba /

    Sir, i am from cuba and want to come for hair transplantation. Hair transplant cost in cuba is very high as compared to your clinic. Can i send my pictures for evaluation?
    waiting for your reply.

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