Hair Transplantation cost Peshawar

Hair transplant cost Peshawar- deciding factor

Hair transplant in Peshawar is performed by both FUT and FUE methods. Mostly people prefer Follicular unit extraction technique due to minimal discomfort. However it is basic question how much does hair transplant cost in Peshawar? Normally it is calculated on the basis of grafts or number of hair requirement. As this city closer to Afghanistan so people visit this city for medical treatments, hair loss treatments and consult doctors , how to stop hair fall? Pakistan has numerous surgeons who ensure good results and have a vast experience in the field of hair restoration surgery . Hair transplants are done in many ways nowadays and the results are improving with the evolving techniques.

Hair Transplant Surgery methods in Peshawar

The methods of hair loss surgery include the strip harvesting and the follicular unit extraction. Both methods are widely used while the later is preferred due to its good results and no scars resulting from the surgery. In Strip harvesting, there is a scar on the donor site, from where the strip of hair is removed. In FUE method, the hair follicles are extracted individually therefore there are no scars. Fue hair transplant cost in Peshawar is almost double of the strip method since it is a time consuming procedure and requires greater skill and expertise. In Pakistan, the latest technique of FUE is motorized device or Robot. The neograft is a mechanical device that extracts hair follicles through a vacuum action and then plants them on the bald patch. Since it does not require human labor, the neograft is cheaper than the FUE procedure performed by surgeons, however, even today people trust human judgment more than mechanical devices therefore they opt for a surgery by a good surgeon.

An Average hair transplant cost in Pakistan

The average cost of a hair restoration procedure anywhere in Pakistan falls between Rs 70,000 to Rs 140,000. Of course, the cost of the procedure depends upon the method used and the amount of graft being transplanted. The surgeons in Pakistan charge nominally per graft plantation and the patients are more than often satisfied with their surgeons. Pakistan is one of the few countries where cheap hair transplants are being performed while the results produced are better than many other countries. This is because the surgeons of Pakistan charge less and therefore more patients from all over the world come to Pakistan. This causes each surgeon to perform a large number of cases on a daily basis and so enhance their skill and expertise. This causes more people to opt for experienced and skilled surgeons and hence greater medical tourism is observed. The strip method costs low than a FUE method and another factor that affects the cost is the number of sessions used for the surgery to complete. In case a person’s hair procedure is completed in a single session, the cost will be much low than if it was completed in multiple sessions. The patients usually consider cost as the most important factor when looking for a treatment, parallel to the quality of results. In Peshawar and other major cities of Pakistan, the cost of the procedure as well as the quality of the surgery is world class therefore there is a growing number of patients. Many surgeons have earned good reputation and visit other cities to perform surgeries as well as give consultations. This trend is increasing and this enables people from all over the country to benefit from good surgeons in Pakistan. There are many clinics so hair transplant cost in Peshawar is not fixed. You may get at low cost from inexperienced doctor or surgeon. However experienced and well qualified doctors always charge high due to their skill and proven results of international standard.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Masoom Shah, we charge 100 Rupee/graft -Fue method and 50 rupee/graft by Strip hair transplant method. Procedure is performed in 5-6 hours. Next day you will come for 10 minutes to remove bandage. if you go for Fue procedure there is no need to visit after few days. Further help? please let us know.
    Warm Regards

  2. masoom shah /

    Per hair transplant cost how much?
    In one day transplant possible?
    Qk may sirf aik’do din k lye ayonga
    Transplant k bad kahee aik huftay ya maheenay k bad to dobara nahee Ana parlay ga
    Pls explain

  3. admin / Post Author

    Hello Younas, please read our other pages where you can find more detail about hair loss and treatment options. Transplanted hairs are forever and permanent solution of baldness. Your age is 22 years and we have to evaluate whether your hair restoration possible through medicine or not.However we can prevent your hair fall through medicines.

  4. younas pasha /

    give me more ditail about hair that how its look like.
    is this removeabale like netural?
    what is the diference between 70000 and 140000 cost?
    is this discount for student?
    do you have midecen for netural hair means oil, shampoo,to keep its form remove?
    and now i am 22 years old and my hair is removing do you have an idea for this?
    i am waiting for your feedback

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