Hair Transplant Cost in Pakistan Lahore

When we compare hair transplant cost in Pakistan with other countries ,it is certainly cheaper than countries in Middle East, Europe, North America, Australasia, etc. Just compare the price with other nations on our website to confirm this truth. We offer the most advanced  hair restoration, and hair replacement methods at reasonable rates.We boast worldwide clients who fly to Lahore to experience the best results, performed by the eminent surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry with 15 years of rich experience in this field. People who want to consult him regarding hair loss and the solutions available can either opt for online booking or contact him over telephone.

hair transplant cost Pakistan Lahore

Frontal area cost for hair restoration is 75000 to 90,000 Rupee

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan Lahore can be divided into two categories, namely cheap and quality hair restoration. Cheap hair replacement in Pakistan ranges between 40,000 and 50,000 rupees. However, in most cases, the results are not up to the mark and can make the patient embarrassed in public places. On the other hand, high-quality hair restoration in Pakistan is priced between 75,000 and 1,50,000 rupees and the result is natural, permanent and devoid of see-through effect. Hence, in your quest to save a few thousands of rupees, it is advisable not to encounter various complications afterwards.

We follow the global trends and techniques like the latest FUE  method and use the most sophisticated equipment.Experience the most reasonable hair transplant cost in Pakistan Lahore with us, but never ever at the expense of quality. Popular treatments :- FUT- Folliclar unit transplant , FUE-Follicular unit extraction, DHI-Direct hair implant ,PRP hair treatment, hair loss treatment in Lahore, hair regrowth injections, Mesotherapy, body hair transplant, hair fall solution. To get free estimate regarding hair transplant cost in Lahore , please send us your close up pictures from different angles and we will give you approximate price.

So, contact us with your query by filling out the online form and we’ll deliver guaranteed answers within 24 hours.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Fahim, you need 1200-1500 grafts to cover your both frontal sides. The procedure without is FUE hair restoration. It will take 4-5 hours and cost will be 120,000 Pak rupee for 1200 grafts and 150,000 for 1500 grafts.

  2. Fahim Iftikhar /

    i want to transplant of front both side, with latest technology without any cute, you inform me about cast of per root, how much hair require on both side, that gave me pure natural look.
    and also how much time require for above mentioned transplant?

  3. admin / Post Author

    Hello, you can send by email and here is email

  4. admin / Post Author

    Hello Shabbir. please send us your pictures of head or hair so that we can suggest and guide you properly.

  5. shabbir /

    Sir itna bata dy k opr waly hisy ma sir k front pa
    kitny bal hoty hn.or kitny lagny sa sir covr ho jata ha.
    Mens mary sir pa choty choty bal hn lkn lmby ni ho rahy
    front sa agr ma transplat krwany a jao to kia wo b pamby hony
    shoro ho jy ghy sath.

  6. shabbir /

    Sir ma shabbir muscat sa.ap ko foto send karni ho
    ya video sir ki to kasy bhj sakty han.

  7. admin / Post Author

    Hello Shahaab Khan,it will be our pleasure to help and treat you. You can use “Silanol Anti hair loss ” shampoo for 5 minutes daily and you will see shine, volume and no more hair fall. Please let us know your expected arrival and date for Fue procedure.

  8. admin / Post Author

    Hello, We can give your more density and yes we can perform hair transplant. After hair restoration you can start “Silanol Hair loss Shampoo” on daily basis and no more hair loss would be there. In order to proceed further please send us your pictures.

  9. admin / Post Author

    Hello, you can take these medicine from any pharmacy and medical store. They will guide you regarding cost of hair loss medicine. You have to use it 6-9 months. Yes these medicines will regrow your lost hair.

  10. waqas.ali /

    Dear sir,meri umar 22 saal hai aur mere front say thoray say hair loss ho gaye hain to sir me apki tab aur lotion use kerna chahta hon to sir mujhe kindly batayen k is procedure se 100% hair regrowth ho jayenge aur kitna time lagy ga aur aik month ki madicine ki kitni cost pay kerni paryegi???? plz reply sir

  11. admin / Post Author

    Hello, we can extract beard hair and transplant them to scalp. Scarring on face depends upon punch size, instrument used to extract follicles from beard area. Small size punches did not leave any scar, but theoretically speaking any punch can leave hypo pigmented scar on beard area.

  12. admin / Post Author

    Hello Jawad, we have lot of information about hair transplant procedure, techniques,comparison between FUE vs FUT and prices. You can read our website other pages in detail.However we are also sending you email in detail.

  13. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we only deal permanent hair loss solution in Lahore. We do hair transplant and these transplanted hair naturally grow all your life.

  14. ali /

    sir i need a natural vig in cheap price and hurry or send me some address that i can contact plz reply hurry!

  15. jawad /

    sir it is natural can u explain a lil bit

  16. admin / Post Author

    Hello Sohrab, Hair transplant side effects are not serious and these are temporary like itching, mild swelling,discomfort at time of local anesthesia. We charge 0.75$ per graft for strip procedure and 1.75$ for Fue graft.These transplanted hair will grow after three months from hair transplant procedure.Address you may check from our CONTACT US PAGE.

  17. admin / Post Author

    Hello Salman, FUE and FUT both methods are used to restore your hair. However one method contains incision (Cutting) of skin and stitches while Fue without incision and stitches.

  18. salman ahmad /

    what is the difference between strip and fue method.. ???

  19. admin / Post Author

    Hello Abdul, thank you for your post. It is our routine we answer all queries within hours. Please check your spam as well where you will find detail answer. Please send us your close up photos for examination and our Email=
    -You have to use medicine before and after procedure if your hairs are falling. For number of grafts requirement , we have to see your pictures.

  20. Abdul /


    Sir main apko pehlay b message kar chuka hun, aj say takreeban 2 din pehlay lekin koi jawab nai aaya. Main Abu Dhabi main rehta hun. I have lost my hairs density due to hair fall and it still continues. Main photo baij sakta hun agher ap muje apni ID dain. Main janna chahta hun k muje achi density or kuch bald area ko cover up karne k liye kitni grafts ki zarurat paray gi, further k kia transplantation k bat mere jo baal ghir rahe hain wo treatment karwanay say ruk jayain gay? kiyun k agher baal ghirtay tahe to muje transplantation ka koi faida nai hoga main thoray wakt main kisi dosri jagha say bald ho jaou ga.. please answer….

  21. sohrab /

    hi dear may i know if do hair transplant any side effect .and pls how mush need money pls talk me us . and how manymonth after grow my hair .and sand your addressee
    thank you

  22. Abdul /

    I am living in Abu Dhabi and gonna be of 29 in coming December. I have hair fall problem, though i am not bald yet but has lost the density. I am interested to have hair transplantation. I can send photos if u please tell me where i need to, in order to know that exactly how many grafts will be required to give me a good density. Further, will my falling hairs stop falling with any treatment? or after transplantation?? as keep falling hairs will soon or later but obviously get me back to where i am standing today. Thanks!

  23. admin / Post Author

    Sir, thank you for your comments and opinion. Strip procedure is an old method and people have to suffer discomfort ,problem in sleep after procedure. All over the world people try to avoid invasive procedure. Fue hair transplant is least invasive ,just imagine incision verses non incision or cut verses non cut.Secondly there is always linear scar in the donor area.If you want to cut or keep hair short then this linear scar of strip procedure would be visible.Thirdly there is trend that there should be less pain,discomfort and minimal invasive procedure. All is possible by Fue technique. Every new technique has its own price becasuse instruments prices area higher. For example to extract follicle from donor area machine cost is 60,000 to 75,000 USD. The patients have full choice to go for strip or FUE procedure.No one is forcing you for any specific procedure.
    -The most important you have numbness for many months after strip procedure while there is no numbness after Fue procedure. One may have more follicles by Fue as compared to strip. We can use body hair like chest,beard,arms and legs for hair restoration.This is not possible by strip procedure. Every technique has its merits and demerits but Fue is becoming more popular all over the world. Always go for better choice, latest technology and better result.
    Thank you.

  24. Ishtiaq khan /

    Mr admin this is what is very frustrating about procedures in Pakistan and people in the field the thing that (mind my French ) pises me off about your comment regarding the strip procedure that it is problematic and painful which is a LIE why because you just wanna make more money knowing that the FUE procedure is more lucrative , I do understand that it is slightl
    Y a more intense and complicated procedure but there are no problems with the strip operation either , firstly your under anaesthetic medicines or pain killers if needed afterwards hence not having a problem if any in the first place with significant pain and secondly it’s all about the mastery of the doctor hence if his work is shit then obviously it will effect the patient not blaming the technique but the quality of the doctors work

  25. admin / Post Author

    Sir,For 2000 Fue grafts price will be 1800 euro after discount.

  26. admin / Post Author

    Sir,We sent you information and prices along with address and telephone numbers. Please check your email as well as spam.

  27. Amir /

    Salam sir main 19 sal ka hun aur ma top of head se ganja ho gya hun is ka kia solution ha plz info me.

  28. Omran Saleem /

    Please send me an information pack with you address details.

    Thank you,

    Kind regards.

  29. Javed /

    Thanks for informaton, We are two persons and every one at least needs 2000 grafts through fue system. Could you please tell us the the cost with your final discount. Regards

  30. admin / Post Author

    Sir, the price is valid for strip hair restoration procedure in Pakistan.We can transplant 2000-3000 follicles in single session which will cover frontal or top area.You have to come next day for follow up visit and then you may fly back to work.

  31. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we can transplant 2500-3000 grafts either through strip or Fue procedure. The charges for strip procedure will be 125000 Pak rupee for 2500 grafts. If you choose Fue our charges will be 250,000 Pak rupee for 2500 grafts.

  32. admin / Post Author

    Sir, there are two kind of procedures called strip and Fue hair restoration. If you choose strip then price for 1500 grafts will be 90,000 pak rupee. If you choose Fue then 1500 grafts will cost you 180,000 Pak rupee.This procedure will be performed in 4-5 hours.

  33. shafee tahseen /

    dear sir if i transplant 1500 grafts thn how it costs????

  34. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we have replied you by email as well. You need 2500-3000 grafts to bring NW class 3 to class 1 level.

  35. admin / Post Author

    Hi, our range is 75000 to 150,000 Pak rupee by strip hair transplant procedure.

  36. Nisar /

    salamalykum aap log non sugical hair replacement b karty hain, ager hain to kitna karcha ayy ga aur kitnay month baad iss ko dubara rearange karwana parta hai,,,thanks.

  37. fahad /

    how many grafts are required to bring norwood level 3 to normal level? i.e. norwood level 1. please email me details and your address.

  38. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we have replied you by email. However you may call us for booking and reservation and mobile number is +92-333-430-99 99

  39. zahid /

    Salam o alikum,
    mia nay apna hair transplant kar va na hay ,aur mery pas 6 december ki aik date hay kia muj ko is din doctor sb say time mil sakta hay?aur booking k laiy apna cel number day dain ta k mia booking kar va sakon . Aur ager sirf email pay hi booking kar sakty hain tu wo b bata dain?mia aik pvt factory jo k karachi mia hay os mia job karta hon.aur mery pas suitable date nahi hay plz kindly infom me

  40. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we have sent you detail by email and kindly check your inbox as well as spam.You can send your photo in the same ID you got email for information.

  41. admin / Post Author

    Sir, there are two kind of procedure for hair transplantation called strip and fue method. If you choose strip hair transplantation in Lahore, charges will be 60,000 Pak rupee for 1000 roots and for fue we charge 1000 euro (120,000 Rupee) and roots will be 1000.

  42. admin / Post Author

    Sir, thank you for your submission. We have sent you detail email where you will have hair transplant surgery procedure details, technique including follicular unit Extraction (FUE) and prices as well.

  43. Asim /

    Salam. I am Asim and living in KSA. Please let me know procedure for permanent solution with hair transplant. Please advise further.

  44. zahid /

    Sir,mia nay calculate kia hay mery 1000 roots lagay gi is k complete charges kia hain,aur recovry kitny dim mia ho gi?

  45. zahid /

    Salam o alikum sir,mia mia apni photo ap ko kis id pay send karon?aur sir mia tranplant kar vana chata hon 6 december ko is k laiy muj ko kia karna ho ga.pleas infom me as soon as possible.

  46. salimullah khan /

    Dear Sir, i may need 2500-3000 grafts and my preference would be FUE procedure.
    Will you kindly program me for a consultation so that i could travel from Rawalpindi to Lahore and if possible go ahead with the transplant.
    I shall highly appreciate if you can give an idea about the approximate cost.


  47. naveed anjum 4rm - KSA /

    salam sir, this is Naveed from saudi arabia,am interested to hair transplant the cost between from 75,000 up to 150,000 rupees as u have mentioned in most of reply.plz let me knew that how many session i have to attand for hair transplant & after that how many time i should visit you and how long time u will take to complete hair transplant session.coz there is a problem with me of timing as i mentiond above that i am doing job abroad very hard to me have vacation twice a year,hope u will understand wtevere i asked……..

    thanks a lot…

  48. Shahaab Khan /

    Dear Hair Expert, Greetings

    I am 38 and wanna refresh my hair line. Also my existing hairs are getting thin and life less. I am at the moment away from Pakistan, and will be visiting country for hair treatment in few months. I have heard a lot about Dr Chaudhry and i have made up my mind for FUE procedure.
    Just tell me few dietry tips and care to bring life into hairs and to prepare the scalp in few months for surgery..
    Pl suggest me diet and natural treatment to bring shine and life in my hairs.

    I will be great ful

  49. zayed hussain /

    hello sir , i wanna consult someone of your members regarding my hair loss issues , and secondly what is your address in lahore ?

  50. admin / Post Author

    Sir, Dr.Ahmad will be out of country during Eid Holidays and back to clinic on 7th November 2012. It is possible you can come after 7th Nov 2012 to see Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry personally and if agreed on price, your procedure will be next day.

  51. Asadullah Sherzai Afghan /

    Dear Sir I would Like to know when is convenient for you guys for face to face consulting, i can’t solve my problem through the email i would like to come to Pakistan during the Eid vacation and see doctor Chudary.

    Now we come in this point if doctor is going to be agree with me about the price everything then i am to transplant my hair in your center.

    Looking forward for you email thanks,


  52. Ali /

    And are there any side effects of these medicines??

  53. Ali /

    Thanks alot for the information.But frm where i can get these medicines nd lotion? Or do i need a prescribtion?

  54. admin / Post Author

    Hello Ali, Your age is too young and hair transplant procedure is not suitable for you. At this stage we should try to prevent hair fall and regrowth by medical treatment. Tab Genesis or Propecia and Minoxidil 5% lotion is best remedy at this stage.

  55. Ali /

    Hello..i m juzz 21 years old and have got a receding hair line..and continuously falling hair transplant only solution for me ? Or u guys can suggest something else? To at least stop the hair fall…

  56. admin / Post Author

    Mr.Hasnain, Your age is 20 years and its too early to get hair transplant surgery in Lahore or elsewhere. You should have our Free consultation where our expert will guide you about medical hair restoration. You have immature baldness pattern and probably have same as your father or other family member. Yes it is possible we can shorten your forehead by hair transplantation.Hair transplant cost depends upon number of grafts. Just to give you an idea if you need follicles less than 1000 then it would cost you 120,000 Pak rupee by fue procedure.

  57. admin / Post Author

    Hello Hasnain! Transplanted hair will grown normally and usually it will take 9-11 month for full result.

  58. Hasnain /

    I have another question that how long will it take for the transplanted hair to become like normal hair ?

  59. Hasnain /

    I am only 20 and already alot of my hair are falling and i am getting a receding hair line. I just want to fill that hair line and make my forehead smaller. So what will be the cost of this and i would like to get it with fue

  60. admin / Post Author

    FUE hair transplant is a least invasive procedure and quick recovery. It will take 24-48 hours for wounds healing.

  61. admin / Post Author

    We have special discounted packages for 3000 fue grafts and already sent you email in detail. Feel free to write us. Please also check your spam. We have 2000 fue grafts package in 1800 euro and 4000 fue grafts @ 3600 euro.

  62. admin / Post Author

    Sir, We have replied you in detail and fee free to communicate with us.

  63. Muneeb /

    Hi I have emailed you images and spoken to you guys before,
    i sent a email on sunday with no response as of yet

  64. s. imran /

    What is the price for fue transplant for a male, for approx 3000 grafts ?

  65. sarfraz ahmed /

    dear sir,

    can u tell me for FUE how much time required. mean in how many days we can recover from the wounds etc.

  66. admin / Post Author

    Hi, please check our detail reply in your email inbox as well as spam.

  67. Cheap hair transplant Lahore /


    Im Lyn Flores, my boy friend have prob for his hair, hair lost en he want to have an hair transplantation… do u have an adress ? so, dat my boy friend can visit the clinic en can make an apointment for hair transplant.
    But i want the money back guarantee…my boy friend want to have an hair transplant this month of october 2012 before EID!


  68. admin / Post Author

    Hello Adeel, We are happy to address your problem. We would like to know your age? family baldness pattern? However you have asked duration of hair transplant procedure. Normally to transplant hair on the frontal sides of head we need 3-4 hours. Cost of hair transplant we charge as per number of grafts. There are two techniques FUT and FUE. For FUT we charge 70 rupee per graft and for fue 120 rupee per graft.

  69. Adeel /

    Hello Sir,
    i hve just found this web . well i have lost few hairs from both sides rest whole head is ok can you kindly tell me how much would it cost me and whats the time period required for this treatment?


  70. admin / Post Author

    Hello Shahid! It is not necessary to be shaved before hair transplant procedure. However fue hair restoration technique requires trimming of hair.If your forehead is bigger due to receding hairline then surgical hair transplant best solution
    1- It is permanent solution
    2- You will have lifelong result.
    3-Frontal hairline will be natural
    4-Non surgical system is short term and temporary solution.
    5- yes it is possible you can get hair without shaving your hair.

  71. Shahid /

    Sir! I wanted to ask that is it necessary to become a totally bald head for surgical treatment? Secondly m 26 years old and I lost few hairs frm my head so is it possible to regain those hairs without becoming bald through surgical treatment?thirdly I wanna ask that due to my hair loss my forhead became larger I want to shorten it with the help of hairs so surgical hairs can do that or non surgical is suitable?

  72. admin / Post Author

    Sir,thank you for writing us. Yes there is possibility you have hair replacement system like Umer Shareef.

  73. Salman /

    Is there any option to fix the hair permanently like umer shareef 😉

  74. admin / Post Author

    Sir, We can make dense your beard and procedure will take 4-5 hours under local Anaesthesia. Charges will be 125000 Pak Rupee for Beard hair transplant surgery.

  75. Fazal Rahman Safi /

    Dear sir,

    I have beard but very much less on my face, how ever i am interested in to transplant new beard on my face, please kindly let me know about its duration and its price as well.



  76. admin / Post Author

    Sir, We only deal surgical hair replacement and these hair will grow all your life. Result will be permanent and you can cut or trim these hair. After cutting or trimming , they will grow again. Surgical hair replacement is a permanent solution for hair loss, thinning of hair or baldness in Pakistan Lahore.

  77. Salman /

    Dear Sir, can you please let me know about hair replacement, i.e. Non surgical. how long will it take me? i mean how many sessions i have tio pay a visit? and how about the results? will it be possible to have a perfect looking scalp and hairs? also please let me know about the average cost.


  78. admin / Post Author

    Please check your email as well as spam and reply us with pictures.

  79. faizan /

    sir pic kis e mail adres p bhj skty hain.pata krny k liy k kitny grafts lagain gy.plz reply soon.thx

  80. admin / Post Author

    Hello Rafiq Mohammed, yes you can have full head of hair after hair transplantation procedure. We will transplant natural and undtectable receding hairline. We charge on the basis of number of grafts and our popular packages are 2000,4000 and 5000 grafts. Hair transplant cost will be 1800-3600 euro depending upon number of follicles.

  81. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we can transplant 5000 follicles in 2 days by fue procedure for your bald area 1,2,3,4,5. However to complete all 6 zones you need 6000-8000 grafts.We have sent you email so please check inbox and spam.

  82. admin / Post Author

    Sir, as per your description you have Norwood class 7 hair loss pattern. You need three sessions provided your donor area adequate.

  83. admin / Post Author

    Hello, yes we can take hair from chest,beard, arms, legs and back of body and this procedure is called body hair transplant-BHT.

  84. aliza /

    sir agr donar hair na hn tb b tranplant posible hy matlb sir p koi bal he na ho.r kia body k kisi part sy b bal liye ja skty hain sir p lagany k liye.

  85. afzal waqas /

    i need all area in advance future
    area 1,2,3,4,5,6,and 7 with density 32

  86. afzal waqas /

    i calculate through grafts calculator online and found that i need roughly 5500 grafts total i am 39 and live in uk so can you tell me how much time required and how many visit i need to finsh this
    i need 1,2,3,4, and 6
    i can came pakistan for max one month in one year

  87. rafiq mohammed /

    Hi,once the surgury is done do u have ur full head of hair as u did and how good is ur receding line surgery?also if i send u my picture can u roughley let me kno how much it will cost as i am in need of doin it asap

  88. admin / Post Author

    Sir, there are different hair restoration techniques .However basic purpose of every hair transplant technique is same, to restore hair on scalp. Which technique is better? fue vs auto inject ( No Touch). FUE is truly no touch technique where every graft is extracted without touching or any instrument so there is no trauma while handling graft. FUE is a latest international trend and when you search globally every good hair transplant surgeon is performing fue procedure. However in Pakistan very few doctors are competent and have skills in fue and most of doctor in Pakistan discourage this procedure due to different excuses. They are not capable of performing follicular unit extraction and this procedure is a big challenge for hair transplant surgeons all over the world. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has competency, skill and international reputation for extracting 2000-2500 grafts in single session. In our opinion fue and No touch have similar result but strip procedure involves cutting (incision) and stitches which is painful and problematic even after many months. This is major difference between two techniques.

  89. Muhammad Yaseen /

    Clear…..i found FUE cost is double. Let me know which method is better FUE or no touch auto inject what Hair Club is offering which one is giving good result. Please suggest me with your recommendation i will take decession to adopt the method.
    Thanks for your quick reply.

  90. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we can transplant 2000-2500 grafts in 100,000 Pak Rupee.The procedure will be carried out by strip method.Fue procedure will cost you 240,000 for 2000-2500 grafts.

  91. admin / Post Author

    Sir, one mega session of fue hair transplant contains 2000-2500 follicles and similarly second mega session will have 2000-2500 grafts. Total cost for 4000 fue follicles will be 4 lac Pak rupee. However for more number of grafts there will be special discount.

  92. Muhammad Yaseen /

    One mega session cost is how much and lump sum how much if 2 mega sessions required than the deal will be how much. (Only FUE meathod)

  93. Muhammad naveed /

    Hello sir,
    can u kindly inform me that how many grafts would you transplant in 100000 pak rupee?

  94. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, hair transplant surgery duration depends upon number of grafts. Small, medium and mega session takes 4-6 hours duration.

  95. taha ali /

    sir how much time required for this whole procedure .(i mean a to z)

  96. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hello Faizan, our per graft cost is 60 rupee (strip procedure) and 120 rupee (FUE technique).

  97. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hi, we charge per graft and our per graft or follicle cost is 60 rupee. Our doctor will suggest you after examining your scalp either physically or send us by email.

  98. aliza /

    yes sir tell us the price of per graft.
    Cz es sy sbko sahi andaza hoga k kitna costly proces hy.nd ye bhi btain k docter kam sy kam kitny graft lagaty hain. Plz nd thx

  99. faizan /

    sir plz tel us the price of graft.

  100. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, After hair transplantation, 9-11 months required for full result and in some cases 15 months.

  101. kalid /

    How long would it take to have full head of hair after procedure?

  102. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hello! Hair transplant cost depends upon area of baldness, number of grafts and hair restoration technique. However to give you an idea, hair transplant cost in Pakistan is 1000-2000$ for strip procedure.

  103. How much does hair transplant cost in Pakistan? /

    How much does hair transplant cost in Pakistan? Can your clinic perform body hair transplant in Pakistan?

  104. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, yes will provide you written guarantee regarding hair transplant reuslt in Pakistan. We will take your photos and videos before procedure and then you can compare before and after hair transplantation results.

  105. NAVEED /

    is there any money back gurrantee if i do hair transplantation , cost between 75,000 to 150,000???

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