Hair transplant complaints

Hair transplant complaints

Hair transplant is the surgical procedure of treating baldness, hair loss or thinning of hair. It is the process of transplanting hair, taken from the donor area and planted to the spot with thin hair or no hair at all. Surgery is an invasive method of treating anything and like all other surgeries, there are few risks and complications also involved in hair transplant surgery. These risks are not that dangerous that cannot be prevented. The basic complaint related to hair transplant or any surgery is the problems you have to go through during and after the procedure. It is utmost important to select a highly qualified and trained surgeon and state of the art clinic for any surgical procedure you are going through. An untrained surgeon is responsible of the complications and their mishandling. Usually people complaint after hair transplant surgery that they do not get any fruitful result and there is no visible hair growth is witnessed. The only reason of this complaint is the bad or an unqualified doctor. In many countries where is no check and balance and poor situation of laws, the general physician or surgeons start operating hair transplant without any specialization. These doctors only spend few days with some trained doctor or do short courses and start doing hair surgery. It is prime duty of the client to select a surgeon after complete research and seeing the previous history of results of the surgeon.

Another hair transplant complaint is that people go through some kind of infection after the surgery. It is again depends on the good doctor to prescribe antibiotics after the surgery to prevent any kind of infection and speedy recovery. Sometimes people complaint about the pain they feel after the surgery. In the hair transplant surgery, the patient is given local anesthesia to avoid pain. It is normal if the patient feels a little pain and discomfort after the surgery, it is also well controlled with pain killers your doctor prescribes you.

The cost of the hair transplant surgery is another complaint of the people who are facing hair loss and they assume that it is the procedure only for the rich people. It is not a big problem if you search a little. In countries like Pakistan, hair transplant is offered at very affordable prices and the doctors are also skilled. The reason of being cheap is the economical state of the country. The surgery which you cannot afford in USA, UK, EUROPE or Australia, you can very easily afford in Pakistan. DR Ahmad Chaudhry has made his mark in hair restoration surgery. He is highly qualified and skilled doctor. He is specialized from Paris and supervised world class clinic in Pakistan as well. He is a visiting associate professor of hair transplant surgery in Claude Bernard University, Lyon1, France. So the cost of the hair transplant surgery is no more a complaint.

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