Hair Transplants Clinics in Turkey

Hair Transplants Clinics in Turkey.There are many dedicated and wonderful clinics are working in Turkey for the treatment of hair loss. Hair loss is a big issue for men and women, teenagers and aged people. People are in constant search of the treatments that are ideal to cope with hair loss. Hair loss is caused by number of reasons and these reasons depend upon one’s life style or hereditary factors or any kind of disease. Hair loss is sometimes treated with the medicines, they are oral or topical and sometimes they are very effective for the re-growth of the hair. It happens at times that the hair loss is not permanent and the hairs start re-growing typically after a couple of months or by using some medicine. It is very important that you have complete knowledge of the medicine before using it to avoid any side effect or further hair problems.

Hair loss in the form of bald patches is usually permanent and medicine is not the good idea of treating that kind of hair loss. It is known as male pattern baldness. Men are very much conscious of their falling hair and baldness and they want to revive their physical appearance by treating their hair loss. Hair transplant surgery offers them the best solution for their permanent type of baldness. The male pattern baldness can happen due to the hormonal changes and most of the time the genetic formation plays major role in hair loss. However, this hair loss can be restored very successfully now with the help of hair transplantation. It is surgical method and needs local anesthesia to carry out the procedure. In Turkey the hair transplant surgery is performed in well equipped clinics with excellent surgeons and their experienced team. Usually two methods are adopted for treating hair loss with the surgery. These methods are as follows:-

-The Follicle Unit Extraction (FUT) or the strip technique

-Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Both techniques have their own advantages. Both can produce good and impressive results. However, it is important to know that if you are the candidate of the hair transplantation or not. For hair transplantation one needs to have enough donor area that can fill your recipient area that is the bald spot. A strip of hair grafts is removed from the donor area and after separating the grafts they are transplanted. If by chance you do not have sufficient donor area then FUE hair restoration offers you the extracting hair follicles from any part of the body. There is no incision given in the FUE procedure. It is totally a NO TOUCH technique of transplanting hair. The transplanted hairs start growing after 3  months of the surgery. However, the full growth takes about 12 months to show up post surgery. Both hair restoration techniques are safe and used regularly in every part of the world.

Strip of donor area

Follicles in donor area strip

It is highly important or rather the most important factor is the selection of the surgeon. An experienced surgeon can give you the natural hair line and desirable results of the surgery. Our hair transplant clinic offers more attractive packages and cheap hair transplantation.

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Hair transplants photos

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