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Getting hair transplant in Jeddah costs you 20,000 to 25,000 SR. Many people suffer from hair loss these days due to increasing stress and poor diets that result in deficiencies. Other than this, there are many illnesses and diseases which cause alopecia. The permanent and everlasting solution of baldness is the hair transplant in Jeddah. There are many methods of hair restoration but they require laborious routines and daily applications of lotions and massages as well as intake of medicines. Moreover, the results of such treatments are very slow and therefore the patient often loses patience or becomes irregular. In Saudi Arabia, people have a hard time looking for a good surgeon since there are few surgeons who ensure healthy and natural look after the procedure. Like the other Middle Eastern countries, Saudi Arabia has a large number of expatriates and almost 90 percent of the private sector is run by the foreigners living in the country. These expatriates are skilled persons who have entered the Kingdom looking for better jobs and earning more. Surgeons in Saudi Arabia are also mostly expatriates and charge more from the patients since the local people of the country afford to pay more. The main centers of urban settlement in Saudi Arabia include Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, and Dammam. These places offer high cost and therefore the ordinary people in the country do not afford such expensive treatments therefore there is a great outflow of people from Saudi Arabia to countries such as Iran or Pakistan, where cheap procedures are performed. Usually, surgeons and clinics maintain a website and therefore it is within reach of a patient in Saudi Arabia to consult a doctor abroad while being in their own country. This is done by sending close up pictures to the surgeon through the Internet and then getting feedback about the number of grafts needed, the number of sessions needed to complete the surgery and the method of the procedure. The cost of the procedure is also decided in this initial consultation. These days there are many surgeons from Pakistan and other cheaper countries who visit Saudi Arabia on a monthly or weekly basis and they make it possible for the people of the Kingdom to consult experienced and skilled surgeons. These surgeons also perform surgeries in Saudi Arabia and therefore the number of patients who consider turning to hair restoration surgery is increasing. The procedure is done in two basic ways and surgeons these days use both methods to give natural look and healthy growth. The surgery was initially used to treat accidental scars and unnatural gaps caused by burns. The success of these procedures made them become a cosmetic surgery and people turn to it to restore growth and look younger. The latest techniques of hair re growth produce such good results that even a hair stylist cannot detect whether a person has gotten treatment or not. Hair transplant in Jeddah is offered by two or three clinics but these clinics are performing 800 to 1000 grafts in one session while our advance level of skill and expertise can give you more than 3000 grafts in single session. The cost of hair transplant in Jeddah is extraordinary very high and mostly people travel to Pakistan for low cost and affordable procedure.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello, its hair transplant clinic. How can we help you?

  2. Hussain mehdi /

    Hair transplant

  3. admin / Post Author

    Hello Zia Khan, Our cost for hair transplantation in Jeddah starts from 20,000 SR for strip procedure and Fue method starts from 25,000 SR. Our hair transplant Surgeon is Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Jeddah and he has one clinic in Lahore.It will be much economical for you to go Lahore for hair restoration procedure.You can contact with him by email
    Warm Regards

  4. ZIAKHAN /

    ASSALAMUALIKUM SIR I want to hair transpsplant surgery at ur clinic I have done one time surgery from Pakistan what is the total expenses of hts at Jeddah plezz reply
    best reguards
    zia khan from makkah

  5. admin / Post Author

    Hello Ahmad, we can restore your frontal hairline and receding hair back to normal by hair transplant procedure. Hair transplantation is a Halal as your own skin or hair are relocated from donor area to recipient area. There is nothing wrong with Islamic point of view and its totally Halal. However there is another non surgical hair replacement system, these are artificial and synthetic and attached with skin by glue. This non surgical replacement system is not Halal as you can do “Massa”.
    We charge according to number of hairs/follicles and technique. There are two kind of hair restoration techniques called Fue and FUT or strip procedure. Fue procedure rates are 1.00$/graft while strip method charges are 0.50$/graft or follicle. The procedure is life time and no need to have again and again provided your existing hairs do not fall any more.

  6. Ahmad /

    I have some of the hair lost from my forehead. But rest is complete. I want its solution in a halal way. Can you please advise me about this and also let me know the cost for all this.
    One important thing, is it once in a life time treatment or we have to get it checked after some intervals of time.


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