Hair Transplant Clinic in China

Hair Transplantation clinic in China

China is emerging as the most developed economy based on hard work and consistent labour. There are many sectors that are excelling on a global level and medical facilities are one of them. China is the provider of good medical services and treatments and hence many people travel to China in order to receive good health care. Cosmetic surgeries are also available in China and a large number of domestic as well as foreign patients get cosmetic treatments done from an array of well qualified and experienced surgeons. China has many major cities but a large part of the country is rural and related to farming and cultivation. However, the major cities boast a large number of surgeons who perform hundreds of cosmetic treatments. The hair restoration surgery is also a very popular and significant part of cosmetic medicine and with time as people are gaining resources and exposure; the number of candidates is increasing. There are many local Chinese as well as people of other origins who suffer from hair loss and turn to hair transplants for coverage of baldness. Hair transplants provide a permanent solution for hair loss without the use of long term medicines and applications of topical medicines or lotions. The hair loss surgery is done in two ways, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). The strip method involves extraction of a strip of hair from an area that has a good growth of hair. This strip wound is stapled together with the use of stainless steel staples that are made for surgical use. This action leaves behind a permanent scar, which can be covered with hair growing around the scar. The strip is divided into smaller units which are planted on the bald patch. The FUE method is more advanced and involves extraction of individual hair follicles which are then planted on the bald patch. These hair follicles are planted in the same direction and pattern as the existing hair on the scalp. If not done properly, this can leave behind an unnatural look which will spoil the look. This is why it is essential to get a hair transplantation done from a well reputed surgeon. China is a great option for people looking for a hair transplant and for initial consultation or while the candidate is searching for a surgeon, it is not necessary to travel to China. The initial consultation can be done through the Internet. This is a convenient thing for the candidate since he can be sure of what he is getting before actually paying for travel and accommodation. In China, surgeons can be selected through the websites and testimonials of past patients, which are easily available on the Internet. This way, the candidate can be absolutely sure of what he is getting in to before he leaves home. Many clinics and surgeons in China can arrange accommodation on behalf of the candidate to make the individual more comfortable.

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