Hair Transplant clinic in Bahawalpur

Are you searching for hair transplant in Bahawalpur, hair clinic bahawalpur, hair surgeon,doctor,physician bahawalpur, hair procedure cost ,costs,prices,charges,fee bahawalpur, hair loss treatment,hair loss solution,hair loss cure ,prevention, hair clinic ,restoration, hair surgery information ,hair clinic reviews bahawalpur. The surgery is an art and every surgeon can not produce excellent and international standard quality result. What is quality procedure and how much does hair transplant cost in Pakistan Bahawalpur?

  1. Frontal hairline should look natural and no artificial appearance.
  2. Natural angle of transplanted hair so that these give undetectable look.
  3. There should be no gap in between transplanted or implanted hair.
  4. What about scar on the donor area?There should be no line,scar on the donor area.

The most important is your results are cosmetically acceptable to every one.People come to our clinic for affordable and quality result. We take care of international standard and result and give you written assurance for quality work. Our hair transplant surgeon has more than 15 years transplantation and restoration experience and he is expert in hair loss,hair diseases, hair fall treatment and surgical hair replacement including FUE technique.

Look for best surgeon and if your city does not have quality doctor then it is wise to travel to Lahore to our clinic for above mentioned international results. You will see the difference quality surgery and ordinary procedure

Hair Transplant in Bahawalpur Photo

Bad frontal hairline,gap, less density

Hair Transplant Bahawalpur Photo

Bad transplant in Bahawalpur- patient came for correction

Hair Transplantation in Bahawalpur Photo

Scar on back – bad ┬ásign

Hair Transplant surgery photo bahawalpur

Victim of bad surgery – scar on donor area

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has corrected such bad surgeries performed by some other clinics in Bahawalpur.Patients are taking appointment for thick frontal hairline, bad scar correction and poor result of previous procedures anywhere else.

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