Hair Transplant in China Guangzhou

Hair Transplant clinic in China Guangzhou

Hair loss is a problem that is increasing all over the world due to poor diets and stress. There has been a lot of research in this field and many hair restoration methods have been created to help people recover their self confidence and good looks. Hair transplant is a surgical method to restore hair and so far, it is the most permanent method of restoring hair. Hair transplants are being done in every country. Some countries are more expensive and not many people opt for a surgery from there while there are many places that offer cheap hair transplants with equally good results. There are many Asian countries where cheap hair transplants are offered. There are many clinics and medical centers in China that offer hair transplant surgeries. Guangzhou is a major city of China and boasts many good hair transplant surgeons. China is a cheaper destination while it offers the latest techniques and equipment to provide hair restoration to people who travel for treatment from within China as well as other countries. Guangzhou in China has become the medical tourism capital of the modern world. Offering the latest technological advances, experienced and expert physicians and surgeons and the very best in patient care, Medical Tourism in Guangzhou China is flourishing and has secured her place in the world as a premier medical travel destination. The surgeons in China offer free consultation and even if a person from another country wants to go to Gungzhou for treatment; they can hold an initial consultation through the Internet. The candidate can send his or her pictures of the scalp and the doctors can view it to give an estimate of the surgery along with the number of grafts needed to cover baldness. The candidate can easily look for accommodation and book travel through the Internet and after finalizing everything, he or she can travel to China for treatment. The surgeons in China are well reputed for the standard of medical services and ethics of surgeries. Hair transplants are done in two basic ways; the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). The strip method is simpler than FUE since it involves removal of a strip of hair from an area of good hair growth. The FUE involves extraction of individual hair follicles from a good hairy area. The strip of hair is dissected into smaller units before plantation while the hair follicles are planted just as they are. The FUE method leaves no scar and has produced better results and natural look and is therefore more preferred. The new techniques of FUE include neograft. Neograft is a mechanical device that is uses vacuum function to extract hair and then plants them on the bald patch without any incisions or marks. This device is popular but there are still more people who prefer human judgment and go for a manual FUE surgery. In China, a candidate can find all kinds of latest techniques while the cost of the procedure and accommodation is not as high as that in developed western countries.

  1. Get 2500 follicles in 1000 euro by strip method including 2 night Free hotel stay.
  2. Get 2000 fue follicles in 1800 euro- 2 nights hotel stay included
  3. Get 4000 fue follicles in 3600 euro – 3 nights hotel stay included

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Saleem , Please send us your close up photos of hair loss area from different angles so that we can help you.
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    Gulberg-3 Lahore Pakistan

    +92-42-35874529 & 30

  2. Saleem /

    Dear Sir

    I am in china now and i would like to visit you for my hair loosing problem to consult about can ou give me your address that i can come and my contact ni is 15800001645
    thank you
    With best regards

  3. mohammef /

    Hello sir
    I’m loseing my hairline its about 25% I wanna know how much
    Cost me

  4. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir,We can restore your hair back. We have some special packages like 2500 grafts(cover half head) cost you 1000 euro by strip method.If you choose fue then our hair transplant packages are 2000 and 4000 fue grafts in 1800 and 3600 euro respectively.

  5. Andy /

    Hi sir, My name is Andy from Pakistan, I’m 25 years old. I have almost 50 % hair lost. I want to ask , how much will it cost to have hair transplantaion. I’m in guangzhou by the way. thanks.

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