Hair Transplant in China Cost

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello vink , you may write hair transplant clinic in Xiamen on google or any search engine. You will find best hair transplant clinics in Xiamen China.

  2. admin / Post Author

    Hello louis , 4000 follicles or 2500 grafts will cover either frontal or crown area. Our charges for 4000 follicles will be 1600$US by FUE method.
    -We are located in Lahore-Pakistan

  3. admin / Post Author

    Hello shareef, at the age of 26 years we will suggest you for medical hair restoration. Did you try some topical lotions/spray and Finestride? If you did not get any good results after 6 months use then we can proceed for hair transplant procedure.

  4. shareef /

    hi sir,i am student of a medical university in china i was born in india i had front hairloss and little bald i will send my photo later you tell me how much cost it happens

  5. louis /

    Please I wish to obtain a hair transplantation.
    I was informed I need 4000 follicules.
    I wish to find out how much this shall cost in China.
    I need to equally get addresses of transplantation clinics in Ghuanzhou, China

  6. vink /

    sir , i am student in xiamen ,china…could you please tell me ….is there any other hospital near xiamen ……as near as posibble…

  7. admin / Post Author

    Hello, at the moment our services are not available in China.

  8. Strangrr /

    Plz tell me which location in china cause i am already in Xi’an,

  9. admin / Post Author

    Sir, We have special discounted package for hair transplant now a days. You can get 2000 grafts = 1700 $ US via Fue procedure.

  10. Hossain /

    I want to do hair transplants . How much it cost if I want to transplant 2000 buds. Please tell in USD

  11. admin / Post Author

    Hello Mr. Khan ! We do not have any clinic or branch in China for hair restoration. However our nearest clinic is situated in Lahore Pakistan.

  12. khan /

    hello sir i want hair transplant in china u have clinic in china ?

  13. admin / Post Author

    Hi Adil, we sent you detail email.Please check it.

  14. Adil /

    Hallo Sir, I am contacting you from Germany. i want hair trasplant at least 10 000 Hair. what will be the price? in turkey its up 1500 Euro and in Iran is 1000 Euro but in east Eurpe is more cheaper. i going to visit china in julay. let me know if the prices are cheaper in China.

  15. admin / Post Author

    Sir, hair transplant is relocation of your donor area follicles to bald area. It is not possible to first remove your hair with laser and then transplantation.

  16. zhangjiakou /

    hi how are you .. 1st i want say about my hairs . before 4 years i used hair straighter but that hair straighter was not good so on the spot so many hairs were fall so and now also i,m worry about that … i,m student of mbbs in china .. 1st i want to remove my all hair of lazer and then i want all of new hairs so have any cheap package so tell me i,m waiting for ur reply

  17. admin / Post Author

    Hair transplant in China is cheap as compare to other western countries and USA. Our hair transplant clinic prices are cost effective for fue hair transplantation.

  18. Hair Transplant in China /

    Is hair transplant in China cheaper?

  19. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, it is my pleasure to answer you. Hair transplant cost for 3500 follicles at our hair transplantation & restoration clinic is 1400 Euro or 11000 CNY. You can get best hair transplant result and cost of hair transplantation is very reasonable.The price is valid for FUT or strip procedure.

  20. Zhongho /

    Hello Sir, i am interested to get fue hair transplant in China but when i searched hair transplantation clinics in China are not producing quality result. I can travel to your clinic and please let me know hair transplant cost for 3500 follicles.

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