Hair Transplant in Brunei Cost

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Hair transplant surgery in Brunei is not too much advanced and people travel to our clinic for hair restoration. Mostly people get appointment by email/filling submission Form and direct online live chat for evaluation and queries.

Get half head either front or top (2500 follicles) in 1000 euro including 2 nights hotel stay.

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Hair transplantation Brunei photo


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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello, We charge according to number of grafts technique. If you can send us your bald area close up pics from different angles,we would guide you in a better way. Please send email :

  2. Ezzedine Hamdallah /

    Hallo Dar
    My name IS Ezzedine Hamdallah I would like to hair transplant , but I want transplant my hair I want know how much cost of the Surgery .I hope hair you

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