Hair Transplant in Brazil cost

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Hair loss and hair fall is common problem in Brazil. Mostly hair loss patients use hair oils, shampoo, hair loss prevention products or medical hair restoration and home tips remedies. When hair loss is progressive in nature despite all treatments then hair restoration is last solution for baldness. There are some very good hair transplant clinics and doctors in Brazil. However cost of hair transplant in Brazil is not an easy task. Hair transplantation cost in Brazil is costly when we compare with other countries of the world.

FUE procedure is even more higher and patients search for cheap hair  loss treatment surgery destination. Our clinic offers affordable fue procedure. We have special packages for internation clients including free hotel stay and pick/drop from airport.

  1. 2000 fue grafts = 1800 euro including 2 night hotel stay.
  2. 4000 fue grafts =3600 euro including 3 night hotel stay.

Our hair restoration surgery results are excellent and patients are satisfied. One may see before and after photo in the link below.

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    Hello, Our hair transplant clinic is located in Lahore -Pakistan. Yes we do have website and if you want to see results then click

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    Where are you located and do you have a website?

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