Hair Transplants Birmingham cost

Birmingham is famous for medical and cosmetic surgery procedures like hair restoration.The United Kingdom is considered among the most developed countries of the world with excellent health care system. Birmingham is one of the most urbanized and industrialized city of the United Kingdom. Hair transplantation in Birmingham meets all international standards and gave high quality desired results.Birmingham is the second most populous city of the United Kingdom situated in the West Midlands of England. It has an inspirational history of transformation from a small town to a big industrialized city. It is considered the major international commercial centre of the world. It is significantly contributing to the economy of the United Kingdom. Three reputable universities and several private and public hospitals can be found there in Birmingham. High quality cosmetic treatments including hair  surgeries are provided in cosmetic clinics. These transplant treatments are provided by following all health standards set internationally.

Hair transplant in Birmingham provides a great range of services to the patients form the United Kingdom and from the other different countries. Both follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction method are available in transplant clinics. FUT is the traditional method of hair restoration that uses a thin  strip to remove hair follicles from the donor area of the scalp. This method is commonly found in Birmingham clinics and hospitals. Surgeons with years of experience in FUT are there to treat bald patients. FUE is the latest method where hair follicles are extracted with help of an instrument and one at a time. Neo Graft  transplant treatments are also offered by reputable surgeons in Birmingham transplant centers. In this latest technique of FUE transplant, hairs follicles are removed directly form the scalp using Neograft units. This is known as “No Touch” transplant method that gives minimum trauma to patients.Cost of hair restoration in Birmingham depends upon the level of baldness and number of hair grafts required by each patient. Hair loss surgery usually starts from three thousand Euros in Birmingham clinics and increased up to twenty thousand Euros. This cost is somehow high as compared to other European countries like Finland, Norway, Poland and Spain. But guaranteed treatment is provided in Birmingham and in case of any graft failure, patients can consult surgeon without any cost. Due to high quality results of treatment, patients from different countries prefer to have transplant in Birmingham, despite their costs. Health visa is provided by Government of the United Kingdom to those who want to visit Birmingham on health tourism.

Almost every transplant clinic and hospital in Birmingham has a website to guide its patients. Free consultation booking can be done through filling an online form on the respective websites. Client results can be seen on these websites through pre and after transplant treatment photos of patients. Written and video testimonials of patients also help in evaluating the clinic and surgeon. A brief introduction of clinic along with history is mandatory for each website. Costs, risks, benefits and temporary side-effects can be discussed with surgeon during the free consultation. Transplant treatment is expensive in those clinics that are located in commercialized areas of Birmingham. Patients can contact the clinics by clicking “Contact us” on the top or side of website. Detailed address, Google map, telephone numbers and email addresses of transplant clinics in Birmingham can be found through the internet.

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