Hair Transplant (FUE) in Barcelona

State of the art hair transplant in Barcelona Spain

Baldness is a growing problem among people of Spain. There are many clinics performing hair transplant in Barcelona Spain. Previously strip hair restoration procedure was popular but with continuous development in hair loss treatments, latest and new techniques evolved and currently people prefer Fue hair transplant in Barcelona Spain. This procedure vary from traditional strip procedure. Surgeon extracts single follicular units from donor area instead of strip. There is less pain and discomfort as compare to FUT procedure. No more waiting time between sessions and maximum number of grafts can be extracted in a single session. Donor area heals quickly and one may resume duties after one or two days later.Fue hair transplant Barcelona Spain

Can we take body hair as donor area?

Fue procedure enables surgeons to extract body hair as donor and place them to scalp recipient area and this who procedure is called Body hair transplant. There are very few surgeon in Spain who can perform this kind of difficult surgery.

What is hair transplant cost in Barcelona Spain?

As this procedure is very costly and one graft cost 4.00 to 8.00 euro. Suppose one patient needs 2000 fue graft , it would cost 8000 euro while same procedure by experienced hair transplant surgeon at our clinic, one may get at 1800 euro.


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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Ali, we can transplant 4000 grafts by Fue method. Please send us your close up views of front, sides and back area. Email:-

  2. admin / Post Author

    Hello Asif Raza, we do not have any clinic or branch at the moment in Spain. You can travel to Lahore for scar and stitches free fue hair transplant procedure. An average fue hair transplant procedure cost in Spain is 8000 to 10,000 Euro. Many people travel to Lahore Pakistan as hair restoration cost in Lahore is almost 60-80% low and economical.

  3. atif raza /

    ap ka spain main kider hai calink or kitni cost aati hai full hair transplant per

  4. ali /

    i m ali from BRCELONA SPAIN i need Hair Transplantation AND I NEED 4000 GRAFTS PLZ TEM MY COST THANKS 0034-632534233

  5. admin / Post Author

    Sir, Barcelona has few hair transplant clinics but prices are really very high and mostly people travel to our clinic for fue hair transplant procedure.For example 4000 fue grafts will cost in Barcelona around 14000-16000 euro while you can get same 4000 fue grafts in 3600 euro.

  6. Hair Transplant in Barcelona /

    Where is your hair transplant clinic in Barcelona?

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