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Hair transplant is a surgical hair loss treatment that is commonly available in all parts of the world including Bahrain. In the country, patients can find the both hair restoration surgical treatments. They can also travel to other countries to get a good hair surgery. Bahrain is officially recognized in the world as “Kingdom of Bahrain.” It is small country that is located near the Persian Gulf. It is believed that an ancient civilization known as Dilmun civilization is originated from this country.  It was also invaded by Persian empires in the past. It got its independence for The United Kingdom in 1971. It is a member of World Trade Organization, Arab League and Organization of Islamic Conference. It is also a major non- NATO ally of the United States. Economy of the country is based upon oil, banking sector and tourism. A free health care system is there in the country for its citizens. But those who are coming from other countries have to pay huge money for their treatment in this country. When it comes to hair regrowth, it is not covered by any medical insurance in the country. It is a treatment which is helpful for those who are suffering from permanent baldness or partial hair loss. These hair restoration surgeries also help them in restoring the hairs for the lifetime. In these surgical treatments, hair follicles are transferred from one portion of the scalp and planted to the balding portions. These follicles grow in healthy hairs after a few months of the surgical treatment. A local anesthesia is given to the patients before the surgery. So the patients can be saved from discomfort and pain during the operation. These surgical operations are performed in Bahrain and a blessing to the bald and hairless patients of the country.

There are two types of hair restoration surgeries that are being offered in this country. One is traditional strip surgical method or follicular unit transplant. In this treatment, hair follicles are extracted form the donor area of the scalp with the help of a thin strip. Later the strip is placed under a microscope from where it is dissected into separate follicles. These extracted follicles are inserted into the recipient areas of the clap. A linear wound remains in the donor area of the scalp. It is stapled or stitched by the surgeon with help of stainless steel sutures. But a big scar remains in the donor area for the whole life of the patient. It can be concealed through further hair re growth. This is the cheap hair surgical treatment offered to patients in the country. It is affordable by the most of the hair loss sufferers who wanted to get permanent hairs through surgery. Another hair surgical treatment that is offered in Bahrain is known as follicular unit extraction. It is the latest hair restoration surgery that has been offered in hair loss clinic since 2001.In this surgical treatment, hair follicles are extracted individually from the donor area of the scalp. This is the most expensive hair loss surgery in this country and the world. This method is beneficial for those who wanted to get a painless hair surgery with minimum scarring in the end. Now there are robotic devices available in some hair loss clinics that help the surgeon while performing FUE surgical treatments.

Hair transplantation in Bahrain is very expensive. Most of the citizens usually prefer to travel abroad in search of a good hair surgical treatment. Those who wanted to get a cheap surgery travel to the developing countries like Pakistan, India, Thailand and Philippines. In these countries a high quality hair surgery can be provided on a very few prices. The results are of as same high quality as they can get ion any developed country of the world. Some of the patients also travel to the country such as the United Kingdom, the United States and France.

If the patients want to find some good hair loss clinic in the country, they can visit many online hair loss forums. In these forums, previous patients have discussed about those clinics and surgeons from where they have got the treatment. Most of the surgeons and clinics have their official websites which helps the patients in making online appointments. On the websites, patients can also find the pre and after surgical photos of the previously treated patients. These photos give them a glimpse of surgeon’s result. Hair Transplantation Bahrain is very expensive and unaffordable to many patients. Due to increase in medical tourism, most of the patients travel to Pakistan to get a cheap but high quality transplant.

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