Hair Transplant In Athens

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When we talk about the affordable hair transplant with high quality result, Athens is the place for you. Hair transplant is very common in Athens and there are several clinics devoted to high class hair transplant surgery. Before planning on hair transplant surgery it is important for you know if you are a suitable candidate for the surgery or not. Sometimes your hair loss or thinning of hair does not require a surgical option rather it is easily treated with the medication available in the market. They can be lotions, shampoos, oils or oral medicines. Your doctor can guide you best on them. Even hair transplant surgery is not suitable for everyone. People who do not a fuller donor area or very less hair left on the head, they are not good candidates of hair transplant. People who have very high expectations out of hair transplant surgery and they want fully packed and highly dense hair on their bald spot, they are also not very suitable or good candidates for hair transplant surgery. One should understand the limitation of hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant can give you your lost hair back but cannot give a tight scalp of hair. It can enhance your looks but cannot totally transform you. People who have large donor area and less bald area they can get density of hair.

Hair starts growing naturally after the hair transplant surgery. The good result of the surgery depends on the surgeon whom you have selected to perform your surgery. A good surgeon will never compromise on the quality of the surgery and provide all the information in advance and also will guide you clearly how many hair grafts can be transplanted and what final look you will get with those transplanted hair.

Two techniques are used for hair transplant. The Strip method is the old and cheap method and people usually afford this easily. In this technique a scar is given at your back to pick out hair follicles. These are in the form of strip and they are separated in order to re-plant them. Later the scar is closed with sutures. An expert surgeon performs this surgery in a way that scar is not visible after some time and camouflaged under your hair.

Follicular unit Extraction is another method which is less invasive and more precise. There is very little blood loss in the surgery. It is an ideal choice for heart patients and diabetics. No scar is given and likewise no stitches are given. It is totally a no touch technique. Single follicles at a time is extracted and implanted. Both procedures are conducted under local anesthesia. Both are painless procedures and only a little discomfort could be felt by the patient. It is highly accepted best remedy for hair loss.

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