Hair Transplant 5000 grafts

FUE Hair transplant 5000 grafts

When it comes to hair transplant, the question arises in mind of the patient is about the number of grafts he needed. It is totally dependent upon the severity of hair loss he or she is facing. Baldness stages can be measured through Norwood Scale and it is helpful in estimating the number of grafts patient needs to cover his baldness. It also depends upon texture of hair. For example, if someone has thick hair, he needs fewer grafts than that person having thin hair. Hair transplantation 5000 grafts are needed by those who are on sixth or seventh stage of hair loss in Norwood Scale. Usually up to 5000 grafts can be transplanted in scalp of a person affected from baldness. Surgeon can transplant 5000 grafts within a single session. It is much practical and reasonable to go through such huge amount of grafts in one session.  But it is not obligatory to harvest these all in one session. Number of sessions depends upon many factors. The most important is financial strength of the patient that if he can pay it in one time. Another is skills and expertise of relevant surgeon. Age of patient is also significant factor. Hair restoration surgeries involve stitches and staples so they can be uncomfortable for patients. Keeping in mind all these things, surgeon can divide number of grafts in two or more sessions.

Currently there are many clinics which offer you to transplant 5000 grafts within a single session. Surgeon and staff working there is highly skilled in harvesting such number at once. But again individual characteristics of each patient play an important role in determining number of grafts he can get in one session.  It is generally considered safe to divide this procedure in two sessions. Some advantages are there for transplanting 5000 grafts in one session. There is less chance of scarring in donor area of patient. It can save time consumed on going through many small sessions. Patients can see there result after a specific period of time like after one year or so. But if number of sessions is multiplied, you have to wait for a long time to check your hair growth. After each session, patient needs to follow certain precautions to take care of his affected area. If transplantation takes place at once, this is sighing of relief for patient.

It is believed that if a patient goes through multiple numbers of sessions in transplant, it will give fewer traumas to donor and recipient area of that patient. Some consider that patients will have better yield of hair in multiple sessions. Medical insurances particularly in the United States don not cover transplant costs. Average cost of one graft ranges between four dollars to six dollars. Calculate it and you will have an average cost of 5000 grafts. It is difficult for a person to pay such huge amount at once. If sessions are divided, then payment is also divided into different installations according to number of sessions. This makes harvesting 5000 grafts convenient and affordable. There is another way to get 5000 follicles at low cost. Medical tourism is growing rapidly and people travel to cheap hair transplantation destination and countries for such cosmetic procedure.  You may get 5000 fue grafts at 4000 euro in Pakistan Lahore where well known hair restoration surgeon Dr.Ahmad offers cheap hair transplants without compromising quality.

5000 follicles transplantation

5000 Fue grafts transplantation


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