Hair transplant 2000 grafts

Hair Transplant 2000 grafts for Frontal bald area

Hair transplant surgery provides a permanent solution for baldness and there is very little post operation routine that has to be followed therefore people find it better to go through a procedure once. Many non-surgical methods are not successful since the laborious routines and regularity in taking medicine and applying lotions is not possible for many people. Hair transplant is done in two ways; the strip harvesting method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). Strip method involves the removal of hair in the form of a strip from a hairy area on the scalp. This strip is dissected into smaller unites and then planted on the bald patch. FUE is a little more technical since it involves extraction of individual hair follicles which are then planted on the bald patch one by one. The hair follicles extracted are also called grafts. The number of these grafts depends on the level of baldness and the area that has to be concealed. Usually, the surgeon initially checks the baldness, its causes and then decides the number of grafts that have to be used. For a person who does not have hair at the crown of the head, the optimum number of grafts needed is 2000. If one imagines, 2,000 hair strands is a good density of hair and can cover a large area. In male pattern baldness, we see the hair is lost at the top of the head and the hairline recedes. This kind of hair fall ends in the hair growth remaining only at the back of the head, extending up to the sides and above the ears. In such a case, where the hair line has receded but there is still scanty growth at the top of the hair, 2000 grafts provide a sufficient cover and within a few months when the hair gains some length, the top of the head, also called crown, is covered and there are no gaps visible. The grafts are extracted from an area that has dense hair growth and most of the times it exists on the scalp. Areas such as the back of the head or above the ears are good donor site since the growth and thickness of the hair strands is seen here. The hair on the head, whether at the crown or at the back are all same in texture and colour therefore there is no problem in using them. Additionally, extracting up to 2000 grafts from arms or legs can be more laborious since the hair growth on the body is more ‘spread’ than the scalp. It is always better to do some research on hair transplants and the number of grafts that are needed to cover a specific area so that once the candidate consults the doctor; he or she is well-aware of what needs to be done. The surgeon may choose to plant the grafts in a single session or multiple sittings, however, many surgeons carry out hair transplant surgery of 2000 grafts in a single session only.

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    Hi, We charge 1800 euro for 2000 fue follicles or grafts.

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    How much does 2000 fue hair transplant cost?

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