Hair Surgery South Africa

Hair surgery South Africa

South Africa has many good surgeons who perform hair transplant surgeries but the whole procedure is expensive due to which there are not many foreign patients who travel to South Africa for a hair transplantation. The hair replacement and other hair restoration treatments are very popular all over the world. The main reason for this is the number of people suffering from hair loss. Hair loss results from many reasons such as illness or certain medical disorders and stress. Another reason is the poor diet consumed and deficiencies of essential minerals and vitamins. The quality of food being consumed and the ‘fad diets’ that people follow, have led to a general health issue and deficiencies. South Africa offers all types of hair restoration procedures and there are many patients who come out of the clinic fully satisfied. Generally, the cost of a hair surgery in South Africa depends on two main factors, the cost of the procedure and the quality of results. The extent of hair loss, matching the color, texture and amount of the donor hair also contribute to the price. This is why many patients are really concerned about the cost since they believe that their hair loss is more. All doctors and surgeons provide initial consultation so that the surgeon as well as the patient is well aware with the steps of the procedure and the amount of work and cost of the hair transplant. Surgeons often clear any misconceptions or unrealistic expectations that the patient might associate with a hair  surgery. It is advised that all patients interested in hair restoration surgeries must do some research before the transplant so that they know exactly what they are opting for. In case a patient needs to focus on price or needs a good quality FUE hair transplant, he must know all about the procedure as well as the surgeons available. Once the initial research is done, the choice of a surgeon becomes easy and there are more chances of a successful hair transplantation. During the initial consultation, the doctor evaluates the patient’s condition of hair loss and hence decides what method must be used and how many sessions will be needed. During the same session, the doctor explains to the patient if any future hair loss occurs and the treatment needs to be performed again. The procedural steps and cost of other specialized hair transplants such as eyebrows and eyelashes vary according to the type of treatment needed and can be discussed with every patient on individual basis. In South Africa, the surgeons charge a flat fee per sessions held, however, this price is more than the hair transplants available in Asia. Having said that, one still cannot say that South Africa is an expensive destination, but since there are more countries where traveling as well as the procedure is cheaper. People prefer hair loss surgery since the procedure is a one-time hassle and does not require long routines to follow and therefore patients see quick results instead of taking medicines or applying lotions and seeing slow results. It is a tried and tested thing that the hair transplantation procedure is a one-time effort and promises good results. This is why many people believe that every penny spent for it is worth the price since there is no every day routine to follow and no medications to take on a regular basis.

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