Hair Surgery Peshawar

Peshawar has some trust worthy hair transplant clinics. Our certified surgeon in Peshawar gives you best hair surgery in Peshawar. You can have desired results and a natural looking surgery. Hair loss can have many social and emotional effects on one’s personality. Peshawar is offering you all the latest and advanced techniques in the field of hair surgery. Hair surgery is one of the most common surgeries done every day and there is no major side effect of the surgery and it can also be prevented if it is performed by a qualified surgeon. In Peshawar FUE is the famous procedure to cure hair loss. The main and primary concern of any candidate of hair surgery is that, it should not be detectable by anyone. People who underwent hair surgery in the past two or three decades, they have some visible scar on their donor, or the reason is some untrained surgeon had done their hair surgery. A good surgeon is a guarantee of good procedure with lifelong result. If you already have a bad hair surgery, here in Peshawar we offer you to redeem that and provide you satisfaction you desire and deserve.  We can give maximum number of grafts in one session and no more sessions are required due to the modern FUE method.

Surgery of any kind is having its own fears and queries. Your surgeon will discuss all the facets of hair surgery. It is not a painful procedure and mega session of hair surgery is completed in 5 to 6 hours. Patient is fully awakened during the surgery and only given local anesthesia. After hair surgery a person is advised to take few careful measures. Hospital stay is not needed in hair surgery and a patient can carry on some activities of daily life. Hair surgery is capable of giving you 10 years younger look. Hair  surgeons and clinics in Peshawar have produced very bad result in the recent past due to lack of strict medical laws in Pakistan. People are sending us online inquiries and photos for previous poor hair restoration results by some unskilled and untrained hair doctors for corrective hair restoration and hair loss surgery. Our hair surgeon is qualified from Paris France and has more than 15 years hair transplantation experience and produced thousands of successful  results and restoration procedures in Peshawar, Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

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