Hair Surgery Cost in Pakistan

Hair surgery cost in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that has an exceptional medical sector due to the expertise and the kind of cases that surgeons and doctors deal with on a daily basis. Apart from this the biggest advantage to people is that medical facilities are cheap in Pakistan, which makes it an ideal place for patients hailing from any country. Cosmetic medicine is also a fast developing field and there are many good surgeons and doctors who treat hundreds of cases every day. Medical tourism in Pakistan is high due to the cost and quality of the procedures. Most of the surgeons in Pakistan are foreign qualified and therefore have knowledge and expertise with the latest techniques and methods. The number of people suffering from hair loss is increasing and therefore there is a rise in the number of people opting for hair transplants. Hair loss surgery is being offered in every country and Pakistan stands among the countries where good procedures are offered at a very economical cost. A very valid factor for any candidate of hair transplants is the cost of the procedure and while looking for a surgeon the cost and fee of the consultant is always kept in mind. The surgeons in Pakistan are fewer than the patients approaching them on a daily basis hence they have reduced process in order to attract more patients. This healthy competition turns to the patients’ benefit since they can get a result yielding procedure at a lower cost than that of a hair transplant from a western developed country. The hair transplantation is performed in two ways, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method costs lesser than FUE due to the skill and expertise required for the latter. The FUE method involves extraction of hair follicles individually from an area of good hair growth. These follicles are then planted on the bald patch one by one. Not all surgeons can perform the FUE method since it involves more skill and experience. The surgeon has to keep in mind, the growth pattern of the existing hairs on the scalp. In case the same pattern is not followed the transplanted hair appears unnatural and visible. Along with the hair pattern, the surgeon also has to consider the direction of hair growth. The surgeons usually charge according to the number of grafts planted. In case a candidate needs a low number of grafts to cover the bald area, the cost of  hair surgery will be less as compared to a larger number of hair grafts planted. The average rate of graft plantation in Pakistan is around 2 to 3 Euros per graft while a few surgeons charge as low as one Euro per graft, this makes an average hair loss surgery cost between Rs 70,000 to Rs140,000.

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