Hair Specialist Doctor Faisalabad

Hair Transplant clinic in Faisalabad

Hair Specialist Doctor in Faisalabad is treating hair loss and baldness diseases. There are different hair related disorders and diseases among male and female patients.  Hair diseases of childhood are different and causes of hair fall vary from simple fungus to worms. During teenage hair starts shedding and most of them consult their family doctors. Hair shedding up to 80-100 per day is a routine matter. However if it is more than 100 then one should take it seriously.

Hair Specialist Doctor in Faisalabad

Hair specialist doctor in Faisalabad will listen your complain carefully and after perform physical examination so that he may find some clue or signs for diagnosis. If it is necessary advise for certain blood or laboratory tests. Some times microscopic examination of hair also reveals important information about hair disease.

Hair Loss Treatment in Faisalabad

There are various kind of hair loss and baldness treatments and hair specialist in Faisalabad at his clinic will suggest you some medicines,lotions,sprays and tablets. Medical hair restoration is priority of every Dermatologist or hair loss treatment specialist. However when medical treatment fails for male or female pattern baldness then hair transplant is a last remedy.

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