Hair Restoration Surgery Vancouver

Hair transplant treatments offered in Vancouver follow all international set standards of health. Cost of transplant depends upon various factors. Despite costs, result of transplant treatments is of high quality. Vancouver is the eight largest city of Canada, located in the mainland of the British Columbia. It is included in the most livable cities of the world. It has hosted many important international events like Commonwealth Games and Olympics. It is famous for its theatres, arts, cultures, movies and dance. Thousands of students from all around the world came here for higher studies very year. It provides the most advance health care facilities in the world. Cosmetics clinics and hospitals that deal with hair transplantation treatments are found abundantly in Vancouver. Hair restoration surgery is expensive in Vancouver, but in all over Canada. One reason of being expensive is that it is considered a luxury item. If the transplant treatment is done properly, it will last for the whole life, so it is not expensive in that case. Baldness and hair thinning is a problem suffered by many male and female residents of Vancouver. In this busy century, people of this metropolitan city do not have time to use medicines or other non surgical treatments to get their hair back. An easiest solution is hair transplantation that is the only permanent treatment of hair restoration.

In Vancouver, cost of hair transplant depends upon the severity of baldness suffered by patients. Every patient needs different amount of hair grafts and different number of sessions. Thinning of hairs vary from a person to person. The method of treatment is also different for each patient. It is difficult to estimate total amount without seeing the patient. Cosmetic surgeons charge per graft in Vancouver. Some charge on the basis of hours per session. Some offer the overall package of hair transplants. Average cost of transplanting front half of the scalp ranges from five thousand to seven thousand and five hundred Canadian Dollars in Vancouver. Average rate of treating vertex region of scalp in Vancouver ranges from seven thousand and five hundred to nine thousand and five hundred Canadian Dollars.

Cost of transplant varies according to the method of the treatment used during transplant surgery. Both methods of transplantation are available in Canada. Follicular unit transplant or FUT is the oldest technique of hair restoration where a thin strip is used to remove hair follicles from the scalp. This is easily performed and less time-consuming, so it is cheaper. Average cost per FUT graft is five Canadian Dollars in Vancouver. Follicular unit extraction or FUE is also available in Canadian cosmetic hospitals. It is the newest hair restoration treatment where surgeon removes hair follicles each at a time with help of a circular punch. This method takes much time and multiple sessions. It is the expensive treatment of hair restoration. In Vancouver, it is twice as expensive as FUT method. Average cost incurred on per FUE graft is ten Canadian Dollars. Patients that are planning to visit Vancouver for getting a hair transplant treatment should estimate travel and hotel expenses along with treatment costs. It is better to consult some transplant surgeon and make an appointment with him prior coming Vancouver.

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