Hair Restoration Surgery Pakistan

Hair restoration surgery Pakistan

 In Pakistan, there are many well reputed surgeons who perform hundreds of procedures everyday to restore hair growth. The surgical method of hair re-generation is by far the most permanent and natural solution for baldness. Hair transplant is a surgical method to restore hair growth and is being done all over the world to provide a younger and better looking outlook. Hair loss is a problem that is faced by a lot of people these days. Baldness causes many people to indulge in an inferiority complex and therefore they turn to the various methods to get rid of baldness. The most permanent and ever lasting solution to baldness is the hair transplant surgery. It is more expensive than other methods but due to its success it is popular and many people turn to it. There are a few countries that are famous for their cheap yet good hair transplantation surgeries. Pakistan is one of the countries where medical facilities are cheaper and easily available. The standard of services is good enough to be compared with many developed countries. In the west, the researches and medical advancements are initiated and the doctors charge more than the ones in the east, however, in Pakistan, there are many good surgeons and clinics where a candidate can find a good price for excellent results. Hair transplants are done in two basic ways, th strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). First of all it is essential for a person to find out the reason for hair fall. Getting a good check up can be sufficient to find out what is causing hair fall. The patient must get this cause cured before indulging in any kind of hair regeneration method. Once the problem has been uprooted, the hair re-growth treatment must begin. For those who select the surgical method of hair restoration, it is necessary to do some basic research before the treatment to understand the various steps as well as the amount of grafts needed to cover the bald patch. A good surgeon can be chosen by comparing the various doctors in the area and then to select the one that suits a patient best. Cost as well as the quality of the procedure can be determined over the Internet. Once a good surgeon is chosen, an initial consultation is held in order to discuss the basics such as number of grafts, number of sessions and the cost of the procedure. The surgeon and patient also discuss the expectations one has about the end result. The basic research also helps a person in not having unrealistic goals and therefore he is prepared for the end result. Once all the basics are discussed, surgery date can be decided. Before the surgery, the scalp is thoroughly washed and the doctor gives his patient local anesthesia. Under the effect of the local anesthesia, the surgeon then starts removing hair in the form of a strip or individual follicles, according to what was decided. Once the hair is extracted, a short break follows. After the break, the plantation begins. The doctors always recommend a post surgery routine for their patients in order to reduce any pain or infection caused by the surgery. Regular pain killers and antibiotics are taken in order to eradicate headaches. Swelling or redness that occurs after surgery are often for only a day or two. The only side effect that worries the patient initially is the shock loss. Shock loss is the hair loss that follows surgery of any kind. It has been given this name since the body is undergoing a shock phase and reacts in its own way. A person experiences regular hair growth within three months.

Source Box: Hair restoration surgery Pakistan is one of the cheapest and most effective and result yielding procedures available. An individual must do some research before selecting a surgeon in order to be sure and get maximized results.

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