Hair Restoration Qatar Information

Hair restoration clinic, reviews and Surgeon in Qatar

Qatar has some very professional and cutting edge clinics dedicated to hair restoration surgery and doctors are well qualified and certified who carry out hair restoration procedures and educating people. A good doctor provides the best information to his clients and gives them honest advice. Some patients are treated with medicine prescribed to them. Some medicines are oral and some are topical. It is advised by doctor which therapy would suit you. There are some patients who are only treated with restoration surgery. It is very common in the world these days. It is very successful method and hair that are restored they grow naturally all life. This surgery is the most advanced system of hair restoration. Every bald person is not a suitable candidate.

Before going for surgery it is important to know what procedure is and how is it conducted? This surgery works very close to nature. The way your natural hair grow, the hair that are restored by surgery, they also grow in the same manner. It is also called hair transplant surgery. In this hair restoration system a patient is given local anesthesia and his own hair are removed from the donor area or the area which has some hair left and given to the recipient area which is bald. This surgery is performed by using two different techniques. One is old but not outdated and the other one is the latest. One is called follicular unit transplant, in this procedure a whole strip is removed at a time from your scalp and after dividing the follicles they are transplanted to the bald area. The other one is called follicular unit extraction, in this procedure a single follicle is removed at a time and transplanted to the bald area. All this procedure is done using stereo microscopes. This is how the procedure is carried out.  The expertise of the doctor and his trained staff can bring about the excellent results of hair restoration and these results are permanent and you can enjoy your hair all life without any fear of losing them again.

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