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Best hair restoration Clinic in Pakistan 

Cosmoderma clinic is persistently producing excellent results for the last 18 years and best hair restoration clinic in Pakistan where people travel to get best results. It can be used to restore the natural looking hair by going through the process of hair transplant. Hair is beauty. Not only women but now men also use products, tonics and other beauty products to maintain the shape, health and thickness. There is no shame in it. But a time comes when excessive hair loss becomes the matter of everyday life. After shampooing people get afraid of combing hair because they know that it will result in hair loss. Baldness has become common. But this issue can now be resolved through the process of hair restoration. Taking proper care of hair has become difficult in our busy life. Due to our carelessness and busy lives, we find it difficult to look after . This leads to thinning problems and you begin to lose hair eventually. Though there are many treatments and products for strengthening  but very few are effective. To get natural look and full of head , it is the best hair restoration method in Pakistan.

Hair restoration in Pakistan

How many methods of hair restoration in Pakistan 

It includes surgical and non-surgical treatments. We should not opt directly surgical solution rather medical options should be first priority.The non surgical treatments include :-

Minoxidil: this is used for people who are experiencing excessive hair loss. Pattern baldness that is suffered by both men and women is treated by this. This treatment is beneficial. The medicine has side effects. It causes redness and itching. If there is prolonged allergy, dizziness, fainting, chest pain, rapid heartbeat and weight gain then patients should curtail the use and seek the help of the doctor.

Propecia: it is approved for men with AGA. This drug also comes with side effects.

Wigs : Artificial hairs area  applied strand by strand. It is a long process but comes with good results.

Laser: it is another technique but take many sessions. The treatment is used twice per week for 2-3 months.

Surgical treatments include:-

Hair transplant surgery: this is the proper treatment. Sessions are carried out to tell the procedure. The surgeons try their utmost to produce best results. The patient is given medicines and proper care after the surgery. The treatment is affordable to every one. Follicular unit transplantation: follicular units are taken from the back of the head. The follicles at the back are more permanent. It is basic technique however there are some modification in this procedure now a days. Follicular unit extraction: the strong follicular units are extracted from the donor’s head and are applied to the bald area. The treatments require a lot of patience by the surgeons and a lot more care is required by the patients after the surgery. The procedure comes with the side effects but there are many medicines available to overcome the after effects. The bald people can now be at ease because the solution to their problem is available in every hospital. But little care and proper diet can help you avoid these problems.

How to select best hair restoration clinic in Pakistan

Many clinics are performing hair transplant surgery in Pakistan and how to select best hair restoration clinic in Pakistan or elsewhere:

  • Check and compare hair transplant results with other clinics
  • Check qualification and credential of the doctor
  • Experience in hair loss treatment, surgical procedures and approach to a patient.
  • Online testimonial and video testimonials
  • Check reputation of surgeon from previously treated patients.

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