Hair Restoration Cost Pakistan

How much does hair restoration cost Pakistan ?

Pakistan is one of the few countries where cheap and result yielding cosmetic surgeries is available for hair re-growth. Successful procedures are performed here while the cost is less than half of the cost of a procedure from any western developed countries. Hair loss has become a problem for many people these days since there is increasing competition and stress on the social as well as professional front. People have become aesthetically conscious and turn to baldness treatments in order to regain their lost confidence. The foremost consideration in terms of selecting a method is the cost and the results. In Pakistan, cheap yet good surgeries as well as non surgical methods are available. The average cost of a good hair transplant in Pakistan ranges from Rs 70,000 to Rs 140,000. There are many methods of hair re-growth, which are of non surgical as well as surgical nature. The non surgical procedures include laser therapy as well as application of Propecia or Minoxidil. Other than this there are  wigs available in markets and custom made to match the color and textures. The laser therapy uses the energy beam to stimulate follicles which then produce new hair strands. Propecia is a medicine that controls the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in order to re-grow hair. The formation of DHT in males causes hair loss and the regular use of Propecia ensures that this hormonal compound is not formed hence hair growth becomes better. Minoxidil is a similar medicine but it can also be used by women. The regular use of Minoxidil and massage can bring about a positive change in the hair loss situation. The surgical method is by far the best method since it ensures permanent results after only a one-time hassle that has minimal side effects. It has been observed that the one-time surgery costs lesser than the cost of products that need to be used for a long period of time. Apparently, a wig or use of medicines cost lesser but if a calculation is done, or a projected estimate is made, it becomes clear that the cost of medicines and wig also add up to be as much as the hair transplant costs. The surgery may be done using one of the two basic methods. These are the strip method and the follicular unit extraction method (FUE). The strip method costs much lesser than the FUE method since it is not that technical. The FUE method is more popular due to its natural result and scar less finish. In Pakistan, doctors charge around Rs130 per graft that needs to be transplanted. This cost is equivalent to almost one Euro per graft which is much lesser than the cost of graft transplantation in Europe or the United States. The competition among surgeons is one valid reason why the prices are lesser. Since there is an increasing demand and people are turning to hair transplant to restore their hair growth; the surgeons have to offer competitive prices in order to attract more patients. Secondly, the number of skilled surgeons is lesser and therefore they have to perform several procedures in a day and this means that the better their cost will be, the more satisfied a candidate will be. It is human nature to always assess whether the outcome was worth the price paid for it, and following this instinct, if the cost of the procedure is lesser, the patients leave the clinic satisfied and this in turn adds to the surgeon’s success. Hair restoration cost in Pakistan is reasonable and one of the cheapest available. The candidates can find many doctors in Pakistan who perform surgeries to ensure maximum results while the cost is much lesser than anywhere in the other developed countries.

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