Hair Restoration cost Lahore

Hair Restoration cost Lahore comparison and clinics

Hair restoration in Lahore Pakistan cost you 45000 to 75000 Pak rupee.In Pakistan, medical tourism is a substantial industry since many people from all over the world travel to Pakistan for medical treatment. The main cause for this tourism is the cost of medical treatments in Pakistan. The cost is very less as compared to other places such as the developed western countries. In the west, there are many taxes and insurance issues which add to the cost. Apart from this the surgeons in the west charge heavy fees and hence the total cost of any kind of procedure increases. The cost of cosmetic surgeries such as hair transplant is more than that of other medical procedures. Cosmetic medicine is an expensive field but even then, hair restoration cost  or similar cosmetic procedures is less in Pakistan than in Europe or the United States. One of the main centers of cosmetic surgery in Pakistan is Lahore. Lahore is the hometown of many renowned doctors who are known for the quality of procedure as well as the services they provide. The surgeons in Pakistan are generally amicable and create a personal relationship with their patients. This way, the patient is comfortable to ask any question that he or she may have regarding the procedure to be performed. It is due to this, that patients are fully prepared about what to expect and hence a majority of the people leave the surgeons’ clinics satisfied. In Europe, the cost of any hair surgery procedure is high. Hair implant is done in many ways, which may be surgical or non-surgical. Surgical method includes hair transplant surgery while non-surgical method includes laser treatment, hair patches, and usage of propecia or minoxidil. The surgical method is of course more expensive than the non-surgical methods since it produces lifelong results through a one-time operation that does not need any daily routine to follow. In Europe, an FUE method costs between 8,000 Euros to 10,000 Euros and is out of reach for many people around the world. Simultaneously, In Pakistan the same kind of procedure costs between 3,000 Euros to 4,000 Euros. For anyone looking for a good procedure, it is cheaper to travel to Pakistan and look for accommodation and treatment since all the expenses combined will be lesser than the mere procedural cost of a hair transplant in Europe. In Lahore, there are many good hotels and inns that can take care of travelers and the patient is bound to be comfortable. The whole procedure and stay should not be very long since the healing time for a procedure is minimal. Every person looking for a best hair restoration in Lahore must do some research to search for the best hair surgeon and the best price. In Pakistan, there are several good surgeons and Lahore is one of the most developed cities so anyone can find a deal that suits them best.

Hair restoration LahoreHair restoration cost Lahore

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