Hair Replacement Sri Lanka

Hair replacement Sri Lanka

Hair replacement is commonly done all around the world. It is an expansive treatment of hair loss and hair replacement is done with surgical procedure. Sri Lanka has offered a hair replacement procedure at a very affordable and cheap price. There are many clinics in Sri Lanka that are offering high class and impressive hair replacement procedures. Before going for surgery it is very important to know and discuss what is causing hair loss? There can be any reason medical or related to your life style or your dieting habits also contribute in hair loss. Some long term or chronicle diseases, medical therapies and importantly hormonal changes give went to hair loss. Some of the causes can be prevented or cured with medicine and the patient does not need to go under any surgical procedure.

Hair replacement surgery is not a big deal these days and people are well aware of its advantages and benefits. Surgical hair replacement has popularly becomes the first and last choice of people facing hair loss. This surgery is completed under the effect of local anesthesia so there is very minimal risk of any complication. It is the quality of the well experienced surgeon that he makes his client as comfortable as he can during the procedure and understands his client’s expectations from the surgery. A surgeon informs his client before surgery that what should he expects and how many hair grafts can be replaced with the surgery and what density he can gets. After getting all this information, it becomes easy for the client to decide and achieve satisfaction.

The surgery is normally done with two highly reliable techniques, depending on the donor and bald area of the person. Sometimes people are having very little patch of baldness and there is a very large and dense donor area, they are ideal candidates of the surgery. They can get fuller look with hair replacement and usually doctor suggests them FUT (follicular unit transplantation). When the client has little donor area and hair follicles has to be taken from other parts of the body and replaced at bald area, for them FUE(follicular unit extraction) is the best method. Both can give extremely wonderful results if done by a wonderful surgeon.

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