Hair Replacement Riyadh Information

Hair replacement Riyadh information

Riyadh is excessively progressing in medical and surgical field. Doctors from all over world come to Riyadh for practice due to high standards offered in Riyadh. There are many renowned hair replacement clinics working and they are considered avant-garde in hair replacement surgery. Hair replacement surgery can be helpful to those people who have lost their hair and baldness becomes biggest dilemma of their social life. They can benefit from hair transplantation. It is the ultimate choice for male pattern baldness because it cannot be treated with any medicine or herbal remedy. The solution is only surgical and the problem is over for the whole life time. Nothing else can give the results equivalent to hair transplant surgery. Once you decide and choose a good surgeon, you can never regret and envy your lost personality. It is the revival of your self confidence which you were losing with emotionally traumatic baldness.

Hair replacement surgery is a very safe procedure and there is no life risk involve in the surgery. Your surgery is done by sedating you a little with local anesthesia. In this surgery hair follicles are removed from the area which has permanent and strong hair, that is normally the back or the sides of the head. After removing these hair follicles, the procedure comes next is the replacement of the follicles in the bald or recipient area by giving incisions. This procedure has involved two techniques. In one technique the surgeon removes whole strip of hair follicles that need to be replaced and after cutting them apart, these hair follicles are transplanted. This technique is cheap and more affordable and the surgery is completed in usually 4 to 5 hours. The next technique is very time consuming and costs you much higher than the Strip method of harvesting. This is called Follicular Unit Extraction. The follicles are removed one by one by making circular punches in the scalp and these hair follicles are difficult to remove and only an experienced surgeon can do that. Later these hair drafts are replaced in your bald area. This technique is very affective if you have little hair on your head because with this method hair follicles can be taken from your back, chest, arms, legs or any other part of your body. There no stitches given in this technique and it is a totally no touch method because all the procedure is done with specially designed instrument. After both techniques no hospitalization is required. The patient is given antibiotics to prevent any king of infection after surgery which can likely happen after any surgical procedure. You will start seeing the results after 3 months of the surgery and can get full results after 9 to 12 months post surgery.

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