Hair Replacement Dubai

There are two kind of baldness solutions. One is temporary and second permanent. Many clinics and center offer hair replacement in Dubai. Temporary solution for baldness does not require operation theater or medical license.  It is artificial fibers which technician can put on your scalp. However these are modified wigs and you need to replace their adhesives and tapes regularly. Every month you need to visit same center for trimming or cutting of your own existing hair regrowth. This is important step as your own hair grow then artificial wig adhesives or tapes became loose and you need adjustment. Every day you need special shampoo and washing to this wig. You need to spare at least 45 minutes for your head preparation. If you can calculate constant spending on this artificial wig every month, total cost will be much higher than permanent hair restoration.

What is permanent solution for baldness in Dubai?

Many clinics offer surgical hair replacement in Dubai. It is a permanent solution of baldness as hair grow with passage of time. Medical license or Board certification is required and special permission from Ministry of health as well.  It is specialized field and surgical skills required. Though in this competitive world, permanent hair replacement in Dubai is offered at best prices. But when we compare to Pakistan, India or Turkey, prices are much higher in Dubai.

Incision free and scar free solution for baldness

Continuous advances and research in the field of hair transplant, follicular unit extraction getting more popularity due to incision free and without scar procedure. Fue procedure will cost you 15000 AED to 20,000 AED single procedure in Dubai while same procedure in Pakistan will cost you 5000 AED to 8000 AED even including return air ticket and hotel stay. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is an experienced hair restoration surgeon in Pakistan and people are coming all across the globe for best result due to his skill and expertise.

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