Hair Replacement Cost

Hair replacement is a very well known treatment for those who are suffering from the disastrous problem of hair loss and they have damaged their personality and social life due to this issue. Baldness normally related to old age and people feel very stressed when they face hair loss in early age and people perceive them much older than their age. Hairs have major impact on any individual and losing them is sometimes very painful.

The days of depression and your worry are over. Now you are blessed with many hair replacement options that are very helpful in coping with your baldness. For every individual there is system according to their life style and affordability. Non surgical hair replacement solutions are affordable. There are hair fibers available in the market, they are a cheap option and you can buy them in your natural hair color. They give you look of fuller hair. They are suitable for people who do not have a bald patch rather they are in the phase of thinning of hair. Then there are hair extensions which are getting very popular to cover the thinning of hair. They are also available in all colors. Then the next option is little more expensive and that is the custom and designer made wigs. A specialized designer would take the measurement of your head with mold and make a customized hair replacement system for you. That is very natural looking these days because they are made in the same color of your natural hair. But none of these hair replacement systems are permanent and you need to spend money again and again on them.

There is a permanent solution available for hair loss and that is the hair replacement surgery. This is one of the most expensive procedures among all. You can see many of your favorite celebrities and world known stars have chosen this option to treat their baldness and the results are in front of everyone. In this surgical procedure the hair grafts are extracted from the fuller area and re planted to the bald area under local anesthesia. This is an expensive procedure because it takes time, a special clinical environment and the surgery is conducted by a well experienced and certified hair transplant surgeon. It takes 5 to 8 hours in completing the surgery. The hair follicles are removed by giving an incision and they are transplanted by using different techniques.

If you think hair replacement surgery is only for rich people and you cannot afford or benefit from it, you are wrong. There is a solution for that also. The hair replacement surgery would cost you much higher if you get it done in USA, UK, Australia or Europe. The cost of hair replacement surgery is much cheaper in the countries like Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Greece etc. The reason is the economic condition of these countries. You can travel to these countries have your surgery and append few days visiting them or fly back the next day of the surgery. It is very affordable solution of hair loss and you can get state of the art hair replacement surgery without disturbing your budget.

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