hair replacement before and after

Hair replacement before and after pictures in Pakistan-As it is popularly said that seeing is believing, many people do not trust something unless they see it by themselves. This also applies to the world of science since all experiments or procedures are recorded before and the specimen in use must be observed before the procedure in order to see what the final result has been as compared to the original form. In hair transplant surgeries, surgeons capture a picture of the operated area before the procedure as well as after it. This is to have a clear proof of how much change has been brought by the surgery. In rare cases, if a problem occurs, it is visible through the close up picture of the area that has been treated. On the websites, or brochures of the various clinics that perform hair transplant surgeries; we see pictures of before and after the surgery. It is a clear testimony that the procedure proved successful or not. The reason for these pictures may be to only satisfy the patient, to spot a mistake or to show potential candidates what the clinic is doing and what are the changes seen. These days, everyone is in search for the best and no one wants to compromise on quality. This is why, it is necessary for clinics and medical centers to show their new customers/patients that the quality of procedures is good and satisfactory. It is human nature to rely on senses in order to believe, especially when they are entrusting their appearance with a surgeon who is a stranger to them. It is a tough decision to rely on a surgeon who only verbally claims to offer satisfactory results. Often, patients themselves ask surgeons to show them the results of previous hair transplant carried out by them. The before and after pictures prove to be a vital tool since they make the patient comfortable with the surgeon who will be performing a hair transplant on them. These days, there are many quacks and inexperienced doctors who claim to be able to operate on individuals and give good results. The proof of their abilities is given through the before and after pictures which might not be from their own clinic. To eradicate the chance of any such fraud, a patient must directly discuss the procedure with some of the past patients and clarify his or her mind. It is essential for every procedure to be dne properly, that the patient is comfortable with the surgeon and the environment. In case of any discomfort or tension, there can be some physical factors that may affect the operational procedure adversely. The before and after hair transplant surgery pictures are useful since they relax a patient who is anxious about the doctor’s abilities as well as his own appearance.

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