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These days hair loss has become an issue but thanks to the evolving medical science, there are many off the counter products as well as clinical methods that help regain hair and cure baldness. The non surgical and surgical methods of hair restoration are also an option for all those seeking good treatments. There has been a tremendous amount of work on hair loss issues and ways to cover baldness during the recent years. The various medicines and methods available not only stop hair loss but can also help a person re-grow hair and cure baldness forever. These days, topical lotions containing Propecia and Minoxidil are often prescribed by doctors for hair restoration in people of all ages. The use of these two compounds has proven to stop hair loss; however, they are not very quick in showing results. The candidate needs to follow a daily routine in order to see results. This often leads many people to lose zeal and therefore they lose patience and do not follow daily routines meticulously. The best solution for hair loss is the hair restoration method which provides a lifetime relief from baldness through a single procedure without any lengthy routines to follow. The hair surgery is the method of surgically removing hair from an area of good hair growth and planting them on a bald or thinning patch. The surgeons who perform these procedures are skilled and need to be experienced in order to ensure results. The hair  surgery is done under the effect of local anesthesia therefore it is necessary for the clinic and the surgeon’s disposition to be comfortable for the patient to have an easy and smooth procedure. It is judged by the results produced and the cost at which they are performed. A skilled surgeon will produce excellent results and result will not be detectable from a distance since the surgeon will plant the new follicles with care and caution so that the transplanted hair does not look different from the existing hair. The surgery may be a simple procedure in terms of the clinical environment and local anesthesia effect under which it is performed but in terms of work and the skill needed it is a tough procedure. The surgeon has to choose the right placement and has to plant the hair follicles or strip units to ensure that the natural hair pattern is being followed so that the transplanted area does not look different from the rest of the head. Additionally, the direction of hair growth and the color of the surrounding hair also add or subtract from the natural look produced. The reason why only a minority of hair transplant surgeons do truly state of the art procedure is because the most advanced procedures and techniques require very high levels of skill and experience. It is due t this reason that patients are always advised to do some basic research before getting appointment from any particular surgeon. The choice must be made after considering various factors such as the number of patients treated everyday and the reputation of a certain doctor among the medical community. Skilled surgeons also ensure optimal use of their limited donor hair since the hair follicles they extract are a used for the procedure. Manu less-skilled doctors might destroy the hair follicle while extracting or by prolonging the break between extraction and plantation. If planted after a long period of time, the hair follicle has a chance of losing viability and therefore will be of no use. In comparison with other hair restoration methods, one may think that a surgery is more costly, however, once the lifetime costs of medicines are compared with the one-time surgery; it becomes evident that the surgery costs lesser and also does not require any laborious routine. This is a significant factor which has caused more people to opt for a surgery in order to restore hair growth and in turn gain confidence and self esteem.

There are many hair repair products available in the market. We have compared the benefits of these products with the simple surgical procedures to understand which method provides easy and timely relief from baldness.

 Hair replacement systems before and after

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