Hair Planting in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country south of India and is a small state. The capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo, with a population which stands less than the population of any cosmopolitan city in the west. This is why there are many facilities and development which have not been available in Sri Lanka. However, due to medicinal developments being a necessity, the field has been developing with time. Cosmetic surgery is a fast growing procedure and in Sri Lanka it is possible to get a few cosmetic procedures done. Hair transplant has become a common found procedure since hair loss is a problem faced by people of all places and age. In Colombo, there are a number of hair transplant clinics that offer natural looking and result-yielding hair transplant treatment at very low prices. Sri Lanka is a much cheaper option for hair transplant than any developed country in the west. However, the fact that there are only a few clinics in Sri Lanka, it implies that the candidate may not have much to choose from. There are basically two methods of hair transplant; Strip harvest and the Follicular unit Extraction (FUE). In the former method, there is not much skill involved and the results are not as natural looking as in case FUE method is executed. FUE ensures a natural look and everlasting results due to the fact that each hair follicle is planted separately in to the scalp. This follicle then gains nutrients from the scalp and grows normally and healthily.

Sri Lanka’s place on the globs is very central since it is a connecting destination between Far East and the Middle Eastern countries. Being a Southeast Asian country, Sri Lanka is very central and travelling there is not very expensive. Cheap accommodations are also available therefore it is not hard to travel to Sri Lanka in order to get a hair transplant. FUE hair transplant is common there and due to a lack of ‘supply’ of surgeons, while the demand is great; each surgeon performs many procedures per day. This makes them experienced and well qualified to perform on any kind of case. Usually surgeons discuss with their patients what they should be prepared for and what should be the end result. They also talk about the expectations that the candidate has with the surgery. It is best recommended that every individual does some research before consulting a doctor. Sri Lanka is fast becoming a hub for FUE hair transplant and this may lead to an increase in the number of surgeons and clinics in the country.

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