Hair Plantation cost

Hair Plantation Cost

Hair transplant surgery has become quite common since the number of people demanding hair transplants has increased. There are many places where hair transplants are being done in cheaper cost while the most expensive procedure are being performed in Europe, United States and the United Kingdom. The places where one can get a cheap hair transplant are Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand. These are the places that are popular for cheaper surgeries while there may be many other countries that offer hair transplants at lesser cost. The medical services and health care facilities in Asia cost lesser than what people have to pay in the developed western countries. This is mainly due to excessive taxes and insurance policies. In the east, there are countless private clinics and hospitals that offer good services and comfortable environment at a much lesser cost than in the western countries. It is essential for any candidate to do some research prior to surgery in order to find out about the best costs without any compromise on quality. The reason Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand are popular for cheaper hair transplants is that the quality of the procedure is also up to the mark and people walk out of the clinic fully satisfied. In Europe, the cost of a good hair transplant falls between 7,000 Euros to 10,000 Euros. Whereas the same kind of hair transplant in Pakistan will cost around 2,000 Euros to 3,000 Euros. This significant difference in cost causes many people to travel to Asian countries for hair transplants. People living in European countries also come to Asia for treatment since the travelling expense, accommodation and the treatment combined, cost lesser than the mere procedure costs in Europe. The hair transplant surgery is done in two basic ways, strip harvesting and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The strip method costs lesser due to the manual work involved. Strip method involves removal of a strip of hair from the donor site and then planting them on the bald patch. This kind of method always leaves a scar and the end look of the replanted hair is also not as natural as that of FUE transplants. This is why FUE method costs more since it involves extraction of individual hair follicles and then planting them on the bald patch. The candidate is willing to pay more depending on the result of the hair transplant and in case the result is not 100 percent natural, there will of course be less willingness to pay more. However, any good surgeon who ensures a good end result and a lifelong relief from baldness may cost more but since the end result is desirable, his patients will be ready to pay. This is a basic human behavior that if something is not worth the money, they will never be willing to pay for it happily. The best hair transplant procedure is when the doctor has planted an optimal number of grafts in a natural way and the hair growth is fuller. The surgeons usually charge according to the number of grafts planted, in case there are lesser grafts being planted, the cost of the procedure will be less. In case there is a large number of follicles that need to be planted and the bald patch is large, the cost of the whole procedure will be more.

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