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Women also suffer same degree of hair loss as it is encountered by men. Hair loss can be devastating for both men and women. It is rather more embarrassing and confidence injuring problem which can badly damage their personality. Hair means a lot to any women and good hair can make any women glorified and beautiful.

Hair loss encountered by women is different in nature than it is faced by men. The hair loss which women are suffering is called female pattern baldness. There are various reasons of hair fall in women. The basic reason which is most commonly seen is the iron deficiency, child birth, thyroid imbalance, chemotherapy, any accident or long term infection. It is important to deal with cause of the hair loss prior to treating hair loss. If the cause is not treated, the hair loss would start after some time of its treatment again.

The female pattern baldness is not the baldness of all head. Women do not lose hair in the form of patches rather they go through thinning of hair all over the head in square form. Hair start shedding all over the head but the thinning of hair is more noticeable in the frontal hair line. There are many remedies for treating and camouflaging hair loss. There are hair fibers available in different colors. You can choose the hair fibers matching to your own natural hair; they can give you a dense hair look. Few women use many herbal remedies, oils and shampoos to treat hair loss. Some prefer using wigs but that’s the most unnatural way of treating hair loss and the wigs are identifies and embarrass you in your social circle. Hair extensions are also an option for hair loss. They can make your hair look fuller.

Hair transplant surgery is the permanent treatment of female pattern baldness. Hair transplant surgery is equally effective for women as it is men. Women can also benefit from the advantages of hair transplant and revive their self-esteem. Hair transplant surgery can give you more natural look and a good surgery is unidentified and cannot cause you any embarrassment. You can enjoy the restoration of your hair by hair transplant and enhance your beauty because you worth it. It is the prime right of every women to look beautiful and hair loss appears as a big hurdle in the way of looking charming but it’s not a problem anymore because you have a natural option of hair transplant surgery to restore your hair and beauty.

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