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Hair loss…… how to cope with it? What are the measures to be taken to restore your hair and your natural looks? How much does it cost you? What are the treatments available for treating hair loss? Are the solutions permanent or just for the short time? How to select a competent doctor? These are the basic questions that come to any mind which is going through the hair loss problem. Like all the parts of the world, hair loss is common problem suffered by people in Qatar. Qatar has some very high standard clinics and extremely talented doctors who are dedicated to hair loss treatments and providing the best of the facilities to the people who are losing their self-esteem due to hair loss. Hair loss has some very negative effects on the minds and social life of people. The early age hair loss makes a person look much older than his age and makes one desperate to get over hair loss and he is willing to pay any price for that.

There are many reasons of losing hair which people are unaware of. These problems need a special attention to deal with hair loss. Highly stressed and tense life also causes hair loss. The ever growing trend of dieting is also the cause of hair loss because good hair needs proper nutrition. If you have a habit of pulling your hair tightly into pony tails and braids, they tend the hair to lose. These are the problems that can be prevented or controlled. However, there are some other reasons also which are out of control of the person. For example hormonal imbalance, iron deficiency, chemotherapy or other strong medical therapy, chronicle diseases, infections, auto immune diseases, child birth or pregnancy, severe physical or mental trauma etc. Hair loss can be genetic also. It is important to discuss the problem with your doctor so you can prevent further hair loss. Sometimes the hair loss is temporary and happens due to changing weather or environment. This is not worrisome condition and the hair re-growth starts naturally after some time.

There are many treatments that can be offered by the doctor for treating hair loss. These treatments can be medical or surgical. The best solution is considered hair surgery for hair loss. The surgery can be done if a person is facing permanent hair loss and so surgery is the permanent solution. Hair transplantation is very widely done all around the world with almost no major side effects. The surgery is considered a safe treatment and no high risks are involved but still it needs a qualified and experienced surgeon to avoid any serious side effect and risk. The results of the surgery are visible after 9 to 12 months of the surgery. The transplanted hairs grow naturally all life.

Hair restoration can be done with  different techniques depending upon the baldness pattern, area and budget of the person. The two techniques which are highly acclaimed are the Strip harvesting and FUE- follicular unit extraction. In Qatar both are done with expertise and providing very natural and guaranteed results. If you wish to restore your looks, natural hair and self confidence,  hair transplantation can offer you all that with complete satisfaction and comfort.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Mohammed, the best option to get cheap hair transplant in Qatar is not possible as hair transplant cost in Qatar would cost you between 5000$ to 8000$. You can get your hair transplant in Pakistan and it would cost you including air ticket and hotel stay between 2000-4000$. You will get more number of grafts and area coverage while you would get very less in Qatar.

  2. admin / Post Author

    Hello Pradeep S, we are based in Lahore Pakistan and you can try to find some hair transplant clinic in Qatar. However if you are willing to travel to Lahore Pakistan, we will be happy to serve you.

  3. Pradeep S /

    Hi my side hairs falling from last 3 to 4 years. I want treatment and hair transparent. I am currently in qatar

    Kindly send me ur appoint ment deatails

  4. Mohamed /

    Im having major hair loss and wud like to do somthing about it and badly in need to look gud with more hair specially in front qatar and cannot afford expensive treatments..please advise

  5. admin / Post Author

    Hi, We have affordable and cheap hair transplant as compared to hair transplantation in Qatar. One of our staff member will be in touch with you for appointment and rest of details.

  6. emily jacob /

    I am having thinning of hair and visited two hair clinics in Qatar and they suggested me hair transplant surgery. I can not afford their prices and your packages are reasonable and i have seen photo gallery result as well. I want appointment for hair restoration.

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