Hair Loss- hair transplant specialist clinic in Multan

How to locate hair transplant specialist clinic in Multan ?

The clinics in Multan are present and claiming quality implants. The fact is that surgeon need extensive training,good aesthetic sense and high level of skill. What is quality result? If some of your friend,relative have this procedure then it would be easier for you to decide good quality and bad surgery.

  • Hair restoration results are natural or every one can recognize?
  • Is there any gap between transplanted hair?
  • What about scar on the donor area? A good procedure should not have any scar on the donor area.
  • What about transplanted hair direction and angle? These should be natural.
  • Frontal hairline looks natural or artificial?
  • what about ┬ádensity in per
  • These are ┬ásurgery tips and you would be able to know good or bad surgery.

Our clinic in Lahore has more than 15 years hair restoration surgery experience and we are producing international quality result and you will have written assurance for above points. To find best hair transplant clinic in Multan is your basic right and if your city does not have good  surgeon then it is better to visit our clinic and we guarantee you for international quality results.

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