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Hair transplantation & restoration clinics in Nepal Kathmandu are not so advanced and most of people travel to our hair loss and transplant surgery clinic for best quality hair replacement. Surgical hair replacement is a minor hair restoration procedure where donor area follicles are transplanted into bald or recipient area. This cosmetic and plastic surgery procedure is performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry MBBS, MD (Paris), Visiting Associate Professor in France. Dr Ahmad has 16 years experience and expert in hair loss and hair transplant surgery especially follicular unit extraction procedure. We have a lot of customers from Kathmandu-Nepal who came for hair restoration and return back. Our staff can arrange visa letter, air ticket, pick/drop from airport and free hotel accommodation.

Questions about hair transplant? Get guaranteed answers in 12 hours.

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  1. bikram bhandari /

    i m just 19 years but i m loosing too many hair can you help me please

  2. admin / Post Author

    Hello naaraj, Minoxidil Price you can check from pharmacy.

  3. naaraj /

    hello sir i want the price of MINOXIDIL 5% for man

  4. admin / Post Author

    Hello Sujan,
    Complete packages and cost –After 30% Discount

    • Fue 1000 grafts or less = No Discount on 1000 grafts 1000$ or 100,000
    Pak rupee
    • FUE 2000 grafts= 2000$ and after 30% Discount 1400 $US or 140,000 Pak Rupee
    • 4000 FUE grafts = 4000$ and after 30% OFF 2800$US or 280,000 Pak Rupee
    • Strip (FUT) Surgery 2500 Follicles = 800 $US or 80,000 Pak Rupee after
    20% Discount.

  5. Sujan /

    Cost of hair transplant..

  6. admin / Post Author

    Hello Manish Kafle , There will be less chances for hair regrowth with Minoxidil 5% on beard area. As these hair on face are dependent upon male hormone. However there is no harm if you can take 3 months trial.

  7. Manish Kafle /

    Hello Sir! can we use this product for beard growth? I have a patchy beard and comparatively less hairs on chin. I heard that applying minoxidil 5% will develop beard also is this true?

  8. admin / Post Author

    Hello, Normally its price vary from country to country and one pack of Minoxidil 5% will cost you 10-20$

  9. admin / Post Author

    Hello, please send us close up photos of bald area from different angles so that we can help you.

  10. Anonymous /

    I am just 18 year old but i have a baldness problem…plz give me the solution …

  11. Anonymous /

    Please tell me the price of this product.minoxidil

  12. admin / Post Author

    Hello Ajay Kumar mohanty , Please send us your hair loss area close up photos from different angles along with donor area so that we can help you and give estimate of grafts and price.

  13. Ajay Kumar mohanty /

    How much it cost of hair transplant
    Total amount

  14. admin / Post Author

    Hello Rabin Magar , You can use Minoxidil 5% lotion to control hair fall and at later stages hair regrowth. You can continue its use for 5 to 6 months to see any improvement.

  15. admin / Post Author

    Hello subash , you can purchase from nearest pharmacy. Normally its cost should be 5 to 10$.
    Any further query? let us know

  16. admin / Post Author

    Hello Anil raj pandey , There is no need to worry as your stay will be in secured hotel and pick/drop from Airport. You will be safely back in your country. Just click these hair transplant results video testimonials from our international customers.
    People are coming to our clinic in Lahore form USA, UK, Germany and all across the world.
    To help you further please send us your hair loss or bald area close up photos from different angles.

  17. Anil raj pandey /

    hello..sir.i am of 21 years old and i have found my hair falling up at the age of 19..i used both menokemin,bioxy..but it didnt worked to me..i am looking bald now..i want to transplant new..but its very risk in pakistan..dont we have any safe hairtransplanting hospital in Nepal

  18. admin / Post Author

    Hello bhavesh , You can start applying Minoxidil 5% lotion, two times per day for 6 months or PRP hair loss therapy is also best to stop hair fall.

  19. bhavesh /

    hello sir ,I am having a hairfall problem since 2 years from now .Now I am 23 years old. So can u suggest me what should I do ???? plz help me out.

  20. admin / Post Author

    Hello Suraj , Please send us your hair loss or bald area close up photos from Right, Left , Top and oblique angle so that we can help you. You can send your photos :-
    Warm Regards

  21. admin / Post Author

    Hello c.k. shrestha , Minoxidil 5% should be available to pharmacy. Ask your nearest Pharmacy and people will help you.

  22. c.k. shrestha /

    hello sir
    where I can get minoxidil5% and propecia in nepal. plz give me the cont. no.

  23. admin / Post Author

    Hello Yogendra Basnet , You need hair transplant procedure to restore your lost hair. We can help you and restore your frontal half of head by FUT or FUE technique. Please send us your close up of hair loss area so that we can give you estimate of grafts and cost.

  24. Yogendra Basnet /

    Dear sir/maa’m,
    I am 32 years old male baldness personnel and it has been around 7/8 years falling from initial hair loss starts time, so now I almost loss my hair from forehead to middle of the head and really its looks terrible. So what should I do plzz!!


  25. Suraj /

    hello, this is suraj from Kathmandu – Nepal, I am suffering from hair loss , I am losing my hair from the center part of my head, could you plz tell me about the solution of it, and also I want know about your clinic in kathmandu n the cost of your solution

  26. admin / Post Author

    Sir, our clinic is situated Lahore -Pakistan where mostly people travel. We arrange hotel, pick and drop from Airport and back to your country after procedure. All included in our package.

  27. ricky rauniyar /

    Then where u can transplant

  28. admin / Post Author

    Hello, You can use Minoxidil 5% lotion or PRP hair loss therapy. We don’t offer hair transplant at the moment in Kathmandu. For more detail you can send us your hair loss area close pictures from different angles and our specialist will help you. Email:

  29. ricky rauniyar /

    Hi sir, this is me ricky rauniyar from birganj NEPAL , I m just 24 year old n I am suffering from hair loss , I am losing my hair from the center part of my head, plz tell me about the solution of it, and also I wanna know about your clinic in kathmandu n the cost of your solution

  30. subash /

    hlw sir i am juat 22 years old and has very thin hair and hair falls higher rate. i wanna buy minoxidil how much this cost and where can i buy at pokhara plz help

  31. Rabin Magar /

    hello sir, i’m just 16 years old
    and i’m loosing my hair 30 to 40per
    day and everyone says that
    hairloss is normal but now i
    can see my some bald area….my hair loss start since when i used streax hair color(in red before 5 months)
    So sir please help me

  32. admin / Post Author

    Hello Rahul sah, you are suffering male pattern baldness. It is genetic condition. No cream or vitamin will work. The only solution is hair transplant procedure either FUT or FUE technique. To help you further please send us your close up views of hair loss area by email :

  33. rahul sah /

    hello, sir i am 21 yeas old and i am being suffering from hairloss since 4 years at crown region of my head. is this is due to harmonal changes or due to depression, i always used to fell that my scalp is dry and some time i felt pain at the roots of hair so i want to ask you that is there is any vitamins suppliments or haircreams for my dry scalp.

  34. admin / Post Author

    Hello, please send us your close up pics so that we can help you. For pics please send it here

  35. nabin kumar /

    Hi. I am nabin from nepal i am just 25 years old. I have got hair loss
    I lost my centre hair so can u please tell me about clinic in nepal and about the cost

  36. admin / Post Author

    Hello krishan, can you send us your close up photos of frontal baldness so that we can help you? Our email is

  37. krishna nepali /

    Hi sir i am krishna i am just 23years male from nepal and i have baldness in frontal.area so sir could you plz halp me to.

  38. admin / Post Author

    Hello, we sent you detail via email.Please check your inbox/spam as well.

  39. Kumar /

    Hello Sir, I am 27 years male from Nepal and I have baldness in frontal areas. So sir could you plz help me to know estimated cost and address in Nepal.

  40. admin / Post Author

    Hello, you can continue to use Minoxidil and it will prevent your hair fall.

  41. Ranjit Rai /

    hlww sir.. i am 24 years old. I have been loosing hair before 2 years hair 15 to 20 losing hair in per day. 1 year before i used the ginger and Ayurveda but that is not work .and now i using the minoxidil medicine..if minoxidil medicine work not effective,any changes???? …what can i do sir..plzzz….give me solution..sir

  42. admin / Post Author

    Hello, please send us close up pictures so that we can suggest you best options.

  43. admin / Post Author

    Hello, yes we can take your hair from chest and transplant on your scalp.It is called Body hair transplant and cost will be 2.00$ for 1 graft.

  44. Lucky /

    Sir I want to know can you plant new hair on chest ?
    I am 32 years old male . And how long it will takes
    Thank you

  45. admin / Post Author

    Hello Arl Sherap, Hair loss medicine works after three months from their start. There are two products available in most of the countries and we are sure also available in Nepal. These are Minoxidil 5% lotion for male and 2% for female hair loss control. There is one oral tablet called Propecia 1 mg once per day. You can start these and continue till their visible benefit after few months. However if you feel any side effects of these medicines then you may stop them. As far as hair transplant procedure is concerned, we charge according to number of follicles and technique. For strip procedure we charge 0.50$ per graft and Fue 1.00$ per graft.
    To evaluate you free of cost please send your pics
    Warm Regards

  46. Aarl Sherpa /

    Dear Ms.

    Actually, I am just a 27 year old but i am suffering from baldness. I loss my hair day by day even i already used some anti hair fall medicine which is from Nepal.
    Is there any possible way to control it ? And another hand, I am wondering for hair transplant. So, Could you please provide me the price detail for transplant and how long it will be durable.?
    your response will be highly appreciable.

    Thanks & best regards.

  47. admin / Post Author

    Sir, You can purchase these products from any Pharmacy and we do not sell any product. For follow up you can write us or visit our clinic so that we can see improvement and progress.

  48. admin / Post Author

    Hello Anjan, these medicines really work. We don’t sell those products.You can try from India if these are not available in Nepal.

  49. Anjan /

    where can i gets those medicines. can i get it in your clinic. can i get u contact number i need to get those medicines if it really works ..

  50. rameshwar /

    sr mero hair sab khase m hair bnaun chhahanchhu plees

  51. Anjan /

    Sir, where can i get these product. can i get Minoxidil 5% lotion and Tab Propecia at your place if i can then please mail me the address. i will be there for sure… do i need to visit you for the checkup of my hair before using the medicine.please to reply..waiting for the reply.

  52. admin / Post Author

    Hi, at the age of 24 years, best solution is medical hair restoration.You should start use of Minoxidil 5% and Tab Propecia.

  53. admin / Post Author

    Hello surya adhikari, cost of full badness will be 4000$-6000$.

  54. admin / Post Author

    Hello Anjan, to stop hair fall, you should apply Minoxidil 5% lotion and secondly Tab Propecia. You will notice improvement after three months from their use.However you have to continue many months to prevent hair fall.

  55. admin / Post Author

    Hello Avishekh, there are one or two hair transplant clinics in Kathmandu but quality of hair transplantation not up to mark. There are lot of problems after hair restoration procedure from these clinics. Many patient visit us for correction of previous bad hair transplantation and they came Lahore Pakistan for quality hair restoration procedure.

  56. Avishekh /

    I wonder whether this type of hair transplantation is really done in Kathmandu. If, then please provide me the address. I am desperated to get the hair transplanted.


  57. Anjan /

    Sir. i am just 19 and i am starting to have a excessive hair loss.And i don’t think its hereditary no one in my whole family is bald. My hair is falling too fast it really itches very hard. i kindly ask for u suggestion what should be done to stop my hair falling.. if i need to visit, you can mail me you address.

  58. Arnal Rana /

    hello sir..i am just 21 and before five years i started facing hair loss problem. by now i have completely become bald.doctors say there is no solution beside using some products where are not much effective.My side and back hairs are also soft and thin..Can i also transplan my hair..or is there any solution..

    with warm regards
    Arnal Rana

  59. Nurak /

    I am of 24 my hair from forehead is continuously falling what should I do??i have very thin hair from my birth plz advice me

  60. surya adhikari /

    dear sir ia m facing hair loss problem since 14 years ago.i used so many medicine for the problem but it doesnt i wanna i just wanna know the cost.tell me the full baldness transplant cost please as soon as possible.

  61. admin / Post Author

    Sir, please send us your close up views from different angles and then we can give you estimate of cost and grafts.

  62. admin / Post Author

    Hi, i hope you got detail reply in email.Still you did not get please do inform us.

  63. Seema /

    Hi Dr. Ahmad, I am recently living in UK. I have heard about hair transplant in Nepal and has observed some good results as well. My husband has got bald for 5 years and recently his above part of head is almost bald and front part of the head is getting thinning as well. Once, I saw an advertisement on Kantipur Daily, I am not sure that this is the same clinic or different.
    I just want to know that is this the permanent treatment or not? After transplant is there still chance of getting bald or will be resolved forever. ‘Forever’, I mean, is the result long lasting!!!!
    I know it’s difficult to estimate exact fee for the treatment, but can you suggest me the tentative cost for the treatment and how many days it gonna take to get treatment? And more thing, where is the clinic located in Kathmandu? I am so desperate to get treatment for his baldness as he looks more aged than his actual age.
    I will be happy if you can send some more details about treatment.
    Thank you


  64. admin / Post Author

    Sir, Already someone told us that these two medicines for hair loss are not available in Nepal. However you may ask your pharmacist about generic name of these medicines like Minoxidil and Finestride, probably he/she might help you.

  65. araj dahal /

    please can u tell me the location or pharmacy where this Minoxidil and Propecia tablet. can be available? if u can please email me the right location in nepal inside kathmandu valley? please list the cost of the medicine also?

  66. Youb raj /

    Sir I am from Nepal and I have baldness in frontal areas. So sir could you plz help me to know estimated cost and is it in Nepal or outside of Nepal . Plz help.

  67. admin / Post Author

    Sir, We do not have any hair transplant clinic branch in Dubai. However when you compare price of hair transplant procedure in Dubai with our packages,you will find we are offering much economical packages.

  68. Suryaa /

    i want to do hairtransplantation in dubai , would you mind providing me the telephone no . of dubai ?

  69. admin / Post Author

    Hello, we have to see your close up photos and also information about your family member hair loss pattern. However you can use Minoxidil 5% and Tab.Propecia to prevent further hair loss.

  70. shree ram poudel /

    hi doctor i am 24 years old. I have been loosing hair for some years now. I have bald patches mainly at frontal area and at the back. What short of treatment is better for me and where can I find such treatment. What could be the estimated cost.

  71. admin / Post Author

    Sir, please check your email inbox and spam as one of staff member will be in communication with you. We wil do second session of hair transplant and restore your remaining area as well as improve density.

  72. avishek rai /

    plz can i get ur add n contact number. i want to transplant my hair again.2 years ago i transplanted in dubai

  73. admin / Post Author

    Sir, your age is 22 years and medical hair restoration should be our fisrt priority. You shaould use Minoxidil 5% and Propecia tablet. These two things will prevent hair fall and possible hair regrowth.However if medical restoration fails then we can consider hair transplantation. Cost of hair transplant is 1000 euro only for one session.

  74. kris /

    hi doctor! I m 22 yrs old(men).i m lossing hair day by day .i m so worried.can u possible to hair loss regrowth?plz give me any suggestion.and how mach cost of hair transplantation in nepal.

  75. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we have emailed you all information related to hair transplant, cost, reviews and techniques.Already you made contact with us and our staff will coordinate with you.

  76. saagarjha /

    hi i am 27 years male .. hair fall problem ,, i want hair transplantation so will u tell me in detail about the price and the process? how to contact you?

  77. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hello, we have patients all over the world and our hair transplant clinic receive queries every month from Nepal for hair transplant surgery.Our staff will guide you and make necessary arrangment for hair restoration procedure like visa letter,hotel room, pick and drop from Airport.

  78. Nepal hair transplant /

    Sir, I have seen result one of your hair transplant patient who came to your hair transplant surgery clinic one year earlier. I am very much impressed, interested to have my hair restoration procedure. Please help and guide me.I am willing to travel for baldness treatment.

  79. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hi Rajita! Major causes of female hair loss are iron deficiency anemia, thyroid and polycystic ovarian syndrome. We have to rule out these causes before hair transplantation. However hair transplant procedure usually takes 4-6 hours. There is no need for hospitalization. Side effects after hair transplant surgery, there might be slight pain, slight discomfort temporarily, numbness and slight stretch for few hours. Hair transplant procedure does not guarantee prevention of hair fall rather a good hair loss or transplant specialist guides you before procedure on this aspect.

  80. rajita shrestha /

    hi, I am Rajita.I am just 25 yrs old(female) and my hair fall rate is very high.can you tell me how long does it take for hair transplantation?Dp I need to get hospitalized?what are the side effects?won’t i have any hair fall problem after this hair transplalntation?

  81. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hello Aashutosh ! There are different pattern of baldness, partial and full head baldness. It is classified by Dr.Norwood into seven categories. However hair transplantation and restoration is possible if you have adequate donor area. The cost of hair transplant depends upon technique, number of grafts and area of coverage. It is difficult to suggest you cost without examining your baldness pictures. We have already sent you email, please send us your close up views for estimation.
    Hair Transplantation is permanent solution for male pattern baldness and transplanted hair will grow all your life as these are resistant from hair shedding.

  82. Aashutosh /

    Hi,I have Male Pattern Balding and my hair loss is terrible along with greying hair. I am just 28 years old from Nepal. Please let me know what is the cost and time for hair transplantation. Is it permanent and how long will it last from initial setup



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