Hair Loss Solution- Hair Loss Treatment in Lahore

 Hair Loss Treatment in Lahore

Hair loss treatment in Lahore

Hair loss treatment in Lahore

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Fue hair transplant clinic Lahore result

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  1. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hello Nazeer! it seems hormones status of your wife is not balanced and controlled. She should have fresh thyroid hormones status report alongwith testosterone level and serum ferritin. After these reports either you can send us or consult your physician in Saudi Arabia.We will be more happy to guide and help you in this regard.

  2. Nazeer /

    My wife is 65 years old has been losing her head hair very rapidly and frequently since last few years. She used so many medicine, oils, massage creams etc, but no remedy. She is patient of Diabeties and thyroide (already operated). So I want to know, if you have any suitable treatment for her. Please reply.

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