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Male pattern baldness can be treated successfully with hair transplant in Sahiwal but when we compare result, quality and skill then there should be no doubt that hair restoration in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad performed by much experienced surgeons.  where should one go for hair loss treatment in Sahiwal. There is no harm to consult doctors in Sahiwal or elsewhere but we should think twice before hair restoration clinic in Sahiwal as doctors are not trained and expert in this small city. They do not have adequate facilities in their clinics and they do not up to date their knowledge by attending refresher courses and international conferences.

hair transplant in Sahiwal

3255 grafts by Fue method- single session

 Hair loss treatment in Sahiwal 

Two basic methods of treatment are available called 1- FUT or strip procedure 2- FUE or follicular unit extraction. Follicles or grafts are taken from donor area ,normally back and sides of scalp and place them to the recipient area. People prefer cut and stitches free latest advance technology called follicular unit extraction.

How to evaluate hair transplant clinic in Sahiwal? 

It is very easy to evaluate the skill and result of clinic and doctor in Sahiwal. Just ask them some references or previously treated or operated patients and meet such previously treated patients personally. Ask them personally satisfaction level and naturalness of result. After careful examination of result you can decide whether to go hair transplant in Sahiwal or Lahore. People choose Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry for latest Fue hair restoration in Lahore.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    WS, FUE- follicular unit extraction is a advance hair restoration technique. Our charges for fue procedure is based on per root call graft or follicular unit. We charge 125 Rs per graft. One root may contain 1,2,3 and 4 hair. Total fue hair transplant cost depends upon area of baldness. There are several types of baldness called Norwood class 1 to class 7. Every hair loss patient has different type of baldness level. We suggest number of grafts after examination of scalp or head. After calculating number of grafts we multiply with 125 Rs and this way total estimation of procedure. Sometimes we have special discounts and offers where we decrease our price 90 Rupee to 100 Rupee per graft.

  2. Abdul Shakoor /

    AOA,Please tell me hair transplantations charges through fue technique.

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