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Hair Transplant Clinic in Okara

 Hair transplant clinic in Okara is not providing excellent services for hair restoration. The results are not comparable to good clinics in Lahore so people travel to Cosmoderma clinic Lahore for best results and procedure. Male and female patients in Okara suffer from pattern baldness. Many patients visit skin specialist in Okara and get their treatments. However hair transplant clinic in Okara definitely did not have same equipment and expertise as in Lahore.

Fue hair transplant in Okara

 Fue hair transplant in Okara is offered to small number of patients and small sessions are performed but results are poor and unacceptable. After bad experience of Fue procedure in Okara many patients consulted our clinic in Lahore for corrective procedure.


Hair Transplant cost

Hair transplant cost in Okara is low and cheap as compare to Lahore. People prefer quality work and results as it is a cosmetic procedure and patients have to bear all their life. Mostly people travel to Lahore and consult with Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry , having 17 years hair restoration surgery experience and qualified from Paris France.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss treatments are available to control hair fall and strengthen hair shaft. There are many lotions/sprays containing Minoxidil to control hair fall. Finestride like Genesis or Hairfin is another kind of oral drug for hair fall stop.

PRP Treatment for Hair loss

Platelet rich plasma or PRP is another hair loss therapy where hair fall can be prevented. This is very effective treatment to increase diameter of hair or add volume in the hair.

Permanent Solution for Baldness

Many patients visit Lahore for permanent solution for baldness.  Hair restoration procedure can give permanent regrowth in the bald area. However it must be performed by an experienced surgeon. You must have seen more than 10 sets of photos where doctor or surgeon can show you his results.

Questions about hair loss ? Get guaranteed answers in 12 hours.

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