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Hair loss and hair fall is a major problem in Saudi Arabia. A lot of people search on internet and trying to find hair loss treatments, solutions and remedies. Everyone try home remedies to prevent hair loss, different kind of oils and hair loss prevention products and tips but nothing work. With the passage of time baldness becomes visible and some has patchy baldness, thinning of hair and most of the people suffering from male pattern baldness .Thinning of hair and hair loss is also common problem among female patients due to hormonal changes, iron deficiency and  Thyroid hormone imbalance.Hair transplant in Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, and Dammam is costly and one cannot afford such high prices of hair treatments in Saudi Arabia. The next logical step is to find hair  surgeons, hair loss specialist or hair treatment clinics in Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina and Dammam to have consultation with specialist.During initial consultation, doctor suggests you either medical hair restoration or surgical hair replacement. Medical hair restoration is with Finestride and Minoxidil while surgical hair replacement has different techniques like follicular unit extraction (FUE) , FUT- commonly known as strip hair surgery.  Hair loss treatment clinics and doctors are limited in Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Dammam, Ta’if, Buraydah, Tabuk, Abha, Khamis and Mushait so people search hair transplant surgeon abroad with track record and persistently producing excellent result and cost of the procedure would be in the affordable budget.

Hair transplant in Mecca Jeddha Riyadh

Hair loss-male baldness pattern

You are looking top hair surgeon with affordable cost then surely Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry MBBS, MD (Paris), Visiting Associate Professor Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France is best choice. Dr Ahmad has established hair clinic outside of France. Patients are coming and taking online appointment for hair surgery, hair restoration, hair replacement and FUE hair procedures. Get ready and prepared your luggage and travel to Lahore Pakistan where Dr.Ahmad personally performs hair restoration procedure to every patient. Dr.Ahmad has successful record and one can see enough before and after  photo gallery with different hair loss patterns. We will guide you for visa and hotel accommodation and free pick and drop from airport. The procedure will be completed in 4-6 hours under local anesthesia with best and latest facilities where you will feel comfort and satisfaction. We can provide you references so that you can speak them before coming to Lahore Pakistan.

FUE hair transplant Mecca jeddha Riyadh

FUE Procedure- 4000 grafts in one session

Hair transplant in Jeddah Riyadh Madinah

Fue procedure result after 9 months


Fue Donor area after procedure

Donor area hair regrow after Fue procedure

Frontal hairline designing

Fue procedure Marking

Fue procedure

Follicular Unit Extraction


To arrange a personal meeting or telephonic, video conference with Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry ,please fill the below or left side Form or email us and we will answer your questions.

Searching for hair Transplant Riyadh Jeddah Mecca Medina Dammam KSA? Get answer in 24 hours.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Muhammad atif , We sent you detail few days earlier. Hope you got all detail.

  2. Muhammad atif /

    After eid i will come back to pakistan sialkot i need to transplant my hair a little of my front head if u need i send my picture but i want i directly come to hospital for transplantation than i will go home and i also want to know about the total cost of my hair transplantation am waiting from your responce on

  3. admin / Post Author

    Hello, Hair transplant clinic in Khobar KSA is not offering service at the moment and mostly our patients travel to Lahore Pakistan where they get best Fue procedure at affordable prices. We can help you for Visa, hotel booking , pick and drop from Airport.
    Cosmoderma Clinic
    31 A -Ali Zeb road Block C-3
    Gulberg-3 Firdous Market
    Lahore Pakistan
    Tel: +92-42-3587-4529
    Cell & Whats app +92-333-430-9999
    Timing: 9.00 AM to 5 .00 pm (Mon to Sat)

  4. Anonymous /

    I want hait transplant,i live in khobar ksa,wheres your location

  5. admin / Post Author

    Hello Adnan , You can send us close up photos of bald area so that we can help you. Below is email to send us photos

    Warm Regards

  6. admin / Post Author

    Hello Abdul ansar, Please send us your close up photos of bald area from different angles as well as donor area (sides and back) of head so that we can help you. Below is email to send photos.

  7. Adnan /

    Hi sir my hair is loss..i am leave in dammam

  8. Abdul ansar /

    Sir I want hair Fixing I am in makkah how to contact

  9. admin / Post Author

    Hello Shah Alam, Please check your email inbox and spam as we sent you all detail related to hair transplant procedure.

  10. Shah Alam /

    Hello Dr Ahmed sir I’m in madeena I want transplant hair how much can you help me my number 0537687546

  11. admin / Post Author

    Hello mohamod,jabbar rana , We are not offering hair transplant in Dammam Al Khobar at the moment.
    Cosmoderma Clinic

    31 A -Ali Zeb road Block C-3
    Gulberg-3 Firdous Market
    Lahore Pakistan
    Tel: +92-42-3587-4529
    Timing : 9.00 AM to 5 .00 pm (Mon to Sat )

  12. admin / Post Author

    Hello Saleem, Please send us your close up photos of hair loss area as well donor area from different angles.
    Warm Regards

  13. Saleem /

    Hello my name saleem iam suffering hair loss problem. Iwant meet u how can plz tell ur adress. Sir

  14. admin / Post Author

    Hello fazal abbas , Prp hair loss treatment will help you to stop hair fall and increase density as well as increase in diameter of hair to add volume. It needs 3-5 sessions , once per month and our clinic cost for PRP = 300 $

  15. fazal abbas /

    Prp hair

  16. mohamod,jabbar rana /

    sir,I am from dammam,al khobar where is brance location,plz give your phone no,

  17. admin / Post Author

    Cosmoderma Clinic
    31 A -Ali Zeb road Block C-3
    Gulberg-3 Firdous Market
    Lahore Pakistan
    Tel: +92-42-3587-4529
    Timing : 9.00 AM to 5 .00 pm (Mon to Sat )

  18. Anonymous /

    Hello sir iam working in madina iwant to transplant my hair plz iwant contact number

  19. admin / Post Author

    Hello Mubeen , Please send us your close up photos of bald area from right, left, top, back and sides view so that our surgeon can examine and help you accordingly.

  20. Mubeen /

    Hi I want to treat hair transplant in dammam. How I contact you?

  21. admin / Post Author

    Hello Naushad Mohd , You can send your hair loss area close up photos at our Whats app number so that we can help you 0092-333-430-9999

  22. admin / Post Author

    Hello waseem bari , Please send us your close up photos of hair loss area so that we can help you. Below is our email address
    You can also send us via whats app 0092333430-9999

  23. admin / Post Author

    Hello Ajaz Ahmad , Our hair transplant clinic is in Lahore Pakistan However there are two or three hair transplant clinics in Madina and you can search on internet their contacts and addresses.

  24. admin / Post Author

    Hello Kashif Hossain, hair transplant in Madina will cost you 10,000 to 20,000 SR.

  25. admin / Post Author

    Hello Usman Masood, Please send us your bald and donor area close up pictures so that we can help and guide you.

  26. admin / Post Author

    Hi, we do not have any clinic or branch in Madina.

  27. Kashif Hossain /

    sir I want a hair transplant in madina with a resionable cost u can give a confirmation in my email id

  28. admin / Post Author

    Hello,at the moment we are not offering hair transplant in Abha -Saudi Arabia. However if you want to get Fue hair transplant in Lahore-Pakistan or hair restoration in Paris France, we might help you.

  29. waseem bari /

    Hai I want to do hair transplant. ..know I’m staying in Abha Suadi Arabia let me know the address n contact details please. .

  30. Ajaz Ahmad /

    I want to do the transplant.Plz give me the adress of Madina transplant clinic

  31. waseem bari /

    im staying in abha region i want to do hair transplant or treatment tell me the cost
    let me know the address of clinic….

  32. Naushad Mohd /

    Hi sir i need hair trasplant so give me no

  33. Ajaz Ahmad /

    give me adrees of madina hair transplant nd contact number

  34. admin / Post Author

    Hello, what is age of your brother? what is baldness pattern? There are two techniques called FUT and FUE. Our prices are 0.50$ for FUT and 1.00$ for Fue hair restoration procedure. We are located in Lahore and you may contact +92-333-430-9999

  35. admin / Post Author

    Hello, Our clinic is located in Lahore Pakistan. People travel to Lahore as hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia Makka , Madina and Yanbu city is 20,000 SR while you can get better quality in Lahore from 5000-8000 SR.
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    free hair transplant
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    hair loss surgery

  36. admin / Post Author

    Hello Kashif, we do not have hair transplant & restoration clinic in Spain. However this procedure is will cost you 5000-8000 euro in Spain and people travel to our clinic in Lahore for cheap or affordable hair restoration without compromising quality of work. As economy is developing in Pakistan and currency conversion rate high so people get benefit reasonable prices in Pakistan. People also search hair loss treatment in spain
    hair replacement spain
    hair surgery spain
    latest hair transplant techniques 2012
    best hair transplants
    best hair transplant results
    hair transplant reviews
    hair loss surgery

  37. admin / Post Author

    Hello, PRP means Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a procedure used for hair loss treatment and new hair growth. Your blood is taken like 20 ml and after centrifuge, platelet rich plasma is taken and injected into your scalp. Platelet rich plasma or PRP is available in Lahore and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry routinely performed to his patients.

  38. sameer /

    Sir pRP ka asaam meaning plzz

  39. admin / Post Author

    Hello PRP stand for Platelet Rich plasma and cost of procedure in Pakistan is 20,000 Rupee.

  40. ali raza /

    please tell me cost of PRP therapy?

  41. kashif /

    Hi i am from madina i want the hairtreatment plz cont me 0582561260

  42. azam khan /

    I m szsm from saudia arabia yanbu city plz send me ur location details of makkha madina or yanbu city

  43. mohammad ishteyaque khan /

    i want to transplant hair of my brother in juddah please give information about cost time and adress my number is 0507433235

    please quick reply


  44. admin / Post Author

    Hello Nasir, price of of 1500 grafts by Fue method in Saudi Arabia is 15000 SR.
    Warm Regards

  45. nasir iqbal /

    Sir how much cost 1500grafts fue in saudia

  46. admin / Post Author

    Hello Mr.Muhammad Arif, yes it is possible to give you more density by hair restoration as well as PRP hair loss therapy. However final decision will be after examining your bald area close up pics from different angles.

  47. admin / Post Author

    Hello, please check your email inbox and spam for detail.

  48. admin / Post Author

    Hello, you may call us +92-333-430-99 99

  49. admin / Post Author

    Hello, we sent you detail via email.Please check your inbox and spam as well.

  50. sarfrazalam /

    i am willing to hair transplantation so give me your no

  51. sarfraz alam /

    Give me your contact no

  52. Abdur Rahim /

    where your location in dammam.and inform me what is the cost for transplantion

  53. admin / Post Author

    Sir, Our hair restoration clinic in Madina no more exist. You may travel to Lahore Pakistan for best quality hair transplant procedure at reasonable cost.

  54. Ajaz Ahmad /

    Please sur give me the adress at Madina transpkant clinic

  55. Muhammed arif /

    my hairs are thin and short- i need thick and more hairs- is it be possible with medical treatment or physical transplantation-

  56. usman masood /

    i lost 35% of my hair…so how much cost wil take for my hair fixing surgery..also where is the location in riyadh..plz send me tha adress..also i want consult a surgen.

  57. admin / Post Author

    Hello, we charge 20,000 SR for mega session of hair transplant in Saudi Arabia.

  58. unni /

    How much rate in hair fixing treatment suadiaradia

  59. admin / Post Author

    Hello, There are two methods of hair transplant surgery
    1- Strip or FUT
    2- FUE or without strip
    We charge 50 rupee/graft for strip procedure and 100 rupee /graft by Fe method.
    Click link for our location

  60. admin / Post Author

    Hello, we can restore your lost hair and to proceed please send your donor as well as recipient area pictures.

  61. admin / Post Author

    Hello, please click this link for contact and clinic location.

  62. admin / Post Author

    Hello, We charge 1.00 $ /graft by Fue method. For clinic location please check

  63. admin / Post Author

    Hello, insurance will not cover cosmetic procedure cost. Average hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia is 10,000 SR to 20,000 SR. It depends upon number of graft and technique.

  64. admin / Post Author

    Hello, For frontal area you need 2000-2500 grafts and our fue procedure charges are 1.00 $ for 1.00 Fue graft. To give you approximate cost ,please send us your close up pictures.

  65. admin / Post Author

    Hello Faheem Ahmad, we can restore your lost hair by Follicular unit extraction method.We will transplant 2000 to 2500 grafts in 5 to 6 hours procedure. However if your baldness require more grafts we can also transplant on 2nd day as well. To give you approximate cost and number of grafts we need your close up pictures from different angles.

  66. Faheem Ahmad /

    My age is 26, i lost almost 70% of my hair mostly from top. Time factor is important for me. Please let me k know the most effective pain free with quick recovery procedure. Also let me k ow about hair waiving. Will it work??

  67. Tahseen /

    i am bald on front just i want to get hair transplant facility from you can you provide me detail how much cost is require for it?

  68. ali raza /

    hi i have hair loss from center of my head my age is 26 i just want to knew that do insurance cover it in Saudi and how much coast is it

  69. shariq /

    hi sir i would like to fue hair transplant within this month with 3000 graft how much would be cost and where is your clinic in riyadh near by batha so i can visit there

  70. furhadullah /

    plz sir also give me u r address in riyadh city and also u r phone n so i can contact with u easily

  71. furhadullah /

    I want to hair transplant for my hairs,,now is 60 % damaged

  72. Muhammad Yousaf /

    i am working in Saudi Arabia but my home town Lahore Pakistan i face hair loss problem from 5 years now i want to make hair transplant can you tell me how much Pakistani rupees need for hair transplant.

  73. rais /

    i am rais in battha saudi arab so where are your clanic in battha

  74. waqas /

    Mr. Admin,

    Kindly let us know your location in Jeddah, KSA, or any contact number. As most of the people out there are ready to pay high prices instead of traveling to Lahore.


  75. admin / Post Author

    Hello, Thank you for your call and we are waiting for your pictures for evaluation and cost.

  76. abdulaziz /

    palis cuntact me .i prablam is hair

  77. Touqeer /

    kindly send to me yours clinic adress in jeddah, i want to visit personaly and also details how to get more information and total expenses.

  78. admin / Post Author

    Sir, hair transplant cost in Jeddah Mecca ,Dammam ,or KSA is between 10,000 SR to 20,000 SR while we offer attractive hair transplantation packages. Our prices starts from 5000 SR for strip procedure and 10,000 for FUE procedure. Follicular Unit Hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia 15000 SR to 30,000 SR.

  79. sajeerudheenq /

    hello sir howmuch will expense

  80. admin / Post Author

    Hello Nayeem, You may call us +92-333-430-99 99 for more information and appointment.

  81. admin / Post Author

    Hi, if your hairs are falling then you may use Minoxidil 5% lotion for 6-9 months initially. However if you lost complete hair from any part of your head then hair transplantation is only solution.

  82. shahidjunaid /

    sir i have hair lossing problm20%

  83. nayeem ahamed /

    i need yor phon nomber becouse my brother live in macca who need trans planting

  84. admin / Post Author

    Sir hair transplant surgery will cost you 20,000 SR and mostly people consult there and travel to our clinic where same hair restoration procedure is performed 10,000 to 12,000 SR.

  85. Hair transplant surgery Madina /

    Sir, I am from Saudi Arab and want hair transplant in Madina. Where is your hair transplantation clinic in Madina?

  86. shabin /

    if i done the hair transplantation one time.then there is any chance come again baldness???????

  87. admin / Post Author

    Sir, hair transplant cost in Jeddah will be twice as compared to hair transplantation at our clinic. People take flight of 2.5 hours and visit our clinic where price is affordable.

  88. Hair clinic in Jeddah /

    Where is your hair loss clinic in Jeddah?

  89. admin / Post Author

    Hello, hair transplant cost is affordable at our clinic. We have sent you all detail already. You may call directly for appointment or booking +92-333-430-99 99

  90. admin / Post Author

    we are based in Lahore Pakistan as hair transplant cost in Jeddah is very high and lot of patient travel and return. However we have our reservation representative in Taif and you may call him directly.

  91. asim /

    Where is location in jeddah

  92. Hair Transplant in Saudi Arabia /

    AOA! Hair Transplant in Saudi Arabia too much expensive around 20,000 SR. I want to come your clinic for hair transplant surgery. Please tell me your address, location and tel numbers.

  93. admin / Post Author

    Hi,our branch in Saudia will charge you 4000 $ and if you want affordable hair transplantation then our branch in Pakistan will charge you 800$ only for 1200 grafts.
    -The return air ticket will cost you 500-700$

  94. shabin /

    if i come there to do this ,in saudiarabia ur hospitals have any staff for arranging my transportation ? how much cost will come for 1200 grafs and fly ticket also?

  95. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we would like to examine close up view of hair loss area.Cost for hair transplantation will be 1000 euro.

  96. majid /


    My wife left and right side are not that much i want to transplant hir hair ,Plz befor any thing i need to know what is the cost ,we are leaving in makkah .

    Mob :0595088—-

  97. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir,our hair transplant cost in Jeddah is on higher side. One mega session of hair transplantation in Jeddah will cost you 18000-20,000 SR. We can offer you mega session of hair restoration in Lahore-Pakistan 1000 euro only. The prices in lahore are affordable.

  98. Nasir Peerzada /

    Pls provide Address & Contact No. of Jeddah Branch.

    Nasir Peerzada

  99. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, hair transplant in Dammam/Khobar will cost you 5000-7000 euro.However same number of grafts you can get from our lahore clinic at 1000-2000 euro. Cost of hair transplant in Dammam/Khibar is much higher as compared to Lahore clinic.

  100. Wasim Ahmed Siddiqui /

    My Contact no is 0590987—–, I want hairtransplantation ASAP. Plz tell your location in Dammam / Khobar.

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