Hair loss – hair transplant in Quetta

Hair transplants in Quetta

Hair restoration is a medical and surgical treatment for different form of baldness, including non surgical as well. Surgical hair restoration is the only technique that can remove follicles from the donor site to the balding area. The procedure has been traditionally used for the male pattern baldness and thinning hairs. Pakistan is well advanced in the treatments of baldness. Many centers for this treatment are present in many different cities of Pakistan. The city of Quetta is one of them.Hair loss not a disease but can be encountered in the results of some diseases. It can be of permanent or temporary nature. Several reasons are responsible while going through with this problem. The most common problem of alopecia is heredity problem, a person with genes of hair loss is more prone for baldness and such type of baldness has no remedy except hair restoration . If you are failing to find the proper cause , the money and time you spend on the treatment will all go in vain and keep you frustrated and distressed.

When planning for your treatment you must find a well qualified doctor to carry out treatment. The treatment of hair loss usually depends on what type you are suffering with. Your doctor will guide you and suggests you which method to be used for your affected area. It is very effective and reliable procedure for your baldness treatment if it is done by an experienced and qualified doctor. In Pakistan there are many renowned centers available in different cities of Pakistan . The city of Quetta is one of those cities. Quetta is the capital of province Baluchistan. It is known as fruit gardens of Baluchistan due to the diversity of its plant and animal wildlife. Because of low literacy rate in this city, the development in technology did not give rise. Hair loss treatment in Quetta is available in a few centers. There are not too many options  in Quetta because of lack of technology. Some qualified surgeons are doing a good job in the field .There are some centers in Quetta performing surgery. The results are not according to international standards and many patients move to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad for their treatment. It is a simple procedure under local anesthesia and it takes 4-5 hours and sometimes it takes 2 consecutive days for longer sessions. Transplanted hair re-grows permanently and natural results are visible after three months post operatively. Hair transplantation and hair restoration in Quetta are performed by a Board certified surgeons through Follicular unit extraction technique (FUE). This procedure is performed all over the world due to the minimal invasive nature of the procedure. In this procedure donor area grafts or follicles are extracted by minor punches individually and implanted into the bald area. The traditional method was a strip procedure or (FUT).The cost  depends on how many grafts you need, number of sessions and the methods that doctor has suggested for your treatment. The cost of the procedure is comparatively lower than other cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.  Therefore a typical sitting with 2000-3000 grafts will cost around 80,000. FUE  Cost ranges between 100,000-150,000 for FUE procedure.

Quetta can be well reputed in  surgeries by bringing qualified and experienced surgeons with modern and advanced equipment  There should be knowledge of a good surgeon and clinic for a wonderful and desired result.Hair transplantation and restoration procedures are very effective for baldness treatment. There are many hair transplantation clinics in Quetta performing surgery. Hair  surgery results are not according to international standard and many patients come to our clinic for corrective or repair hair plantation.We implant follicles on bald scalp as well as correction of previous bad hair procedure from any clinic. It is a simple procedure under local anesthesia and it takes 4-5 hours depending upon number of follicles transplantation. Transplanted hair regrow permanently and results are visible after three months post operatively.

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