Hair loss Specialist- Hair transplant in Jhelum

Should we consider hair transplant in Jhelum?

It is a desire of every bald patient to get lost hair back . There are one or two clinics for hair transplant in Jhelum and mostly people are not happy with their services and travel to Lahore or Islamabad. There are many reasons why people choose to travel Lahore or Islamabad for their treatment. Most of them consider that hair transplant in Jhelum is not being performed according to international standard. Secondly hygienic condition and sterilization of surgical instrument issue. Thirdly doctors are not trained and properly qualified and they do not have capacity to perform according to expectation of people. Though local doctors attract novice patients by lowering their prices and offering them attractive packages. Some of them trap these attractive offers easily but mostly who are well aware they search on internet about standard and result of those patients who have hair transplant in Jhelum. As it is small city and easy to personally meet those people who already had procedure from Jhelum . When you meet few people already undergone this procedure in Jhelum , they will advise you not to save few thousand rupee and travel to Lahore for quality hair restoration procedure.

There are two kind of surgeries and mostly people in advance countries choose strip free and without stitches Fue procedure. It is less painful and minimal discomfort. Though there are very few skilled surgeons who can perform this complex and highly skilled procedure but Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has more than 16 years experience in this field.

Celebrities from Jhelum who have hair restoration Procedure

There are number of people who have hair restoration procedure from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. Ch Nadeem khadim MPA and Mehar Fiaz Ex MPA had this procedure from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry few years back. Nobody can detect and see whether they have this procedure in the past. It is beauty, skill and art of Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry that transplanted hair look natural and undetectable.

if you are quality conscious then meet above personalities and see personally artistic work of Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. There are many more people who had this procedure and living abroad and enjoying their life.

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