Hair Loss Follicles

Hair loss follicles- Hair follicle is a tubular cavity small in size and it consists of root of the hair. It is responsible for production of hair in all mammals including humans. It is believed that the healthier the scalp and follicles are, the shiner and better hairs will look. You can loss or damage these hair follicles due to various reasons. If you will solve this problem on initial stage, you will save your scalp from losing further follicles. About ninety five percent of men in all over the world loss their hair due to genetic reason known as “Androgenic Alopecia.” In this DHT hormone is released by body which affects the performance of follicle by weakening it. In “Traction Alopecia,” due to aggressive hair styling, follicles start deteriorating. Some times due to forcefully brushing the hair, these follicles can get a permanent damage. Chemotherapy, radiations, heart diseases, diabetes and other health problems can also cause permanent baldness. Partial baldness can occur due to lack of nutrients like vitamins, proteins, iron and zinc in the body. Unhealthy dirty scalp releasing excessive oil glands can also worsen the health of follicles. If these hair follicles are lost permanently, you can never re grow hair in that area of head. Your dermatologist can suggest you various treatments to repair your hair follicles. Follow certain precautions which can save you from hair loss.

In order to treat hair loss follicles or baldness, different hair transplant surgeries are available in market. These surgeries are only permanent solution of hair restoration. During surgery, surgeon transplant follicles n bald or hairless area which he has harvested from the healthy dense area of scalp. Within a few months of this treatment, new hair starts growing on the scalp. But if surgery is performed poorly or inefficiently, inserted hair follicles may start falling after some time of surgery. That is why it is always advised to consult a well practiced and experienced surgeon before going for surgical treatment. If you will research carefully about your surgeon, you will not fall in trap of inexperienced physicians. Poor transplantation techniques can result in weakening of follicles of donor area,

You should remember one thing that within fifteen to thirty days of hair transplant, follicles inserted in recipient area of scalp started to fall out. There is a significant reduction in hair growth of normal hair because of surgical stress. But don not get worry because these hair will re grow after some time. From the roots of transplanted hair, new follicle cells will be cultivated. These follicles will grow back within ninety days of transplant. Hair will re grow from these follicles on rate of one centimeter per month and they will reach to their maximum length within a year after surgery. Transplanted follicles don’t carry genetic code of baldness, so they will survive for your life time. Hence you need no other treatment for air restoration throughout your life. You need to properly take care of your scalp after surgery so these follicles can remain healthy and prevent future hair loss follicles.

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