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Hair transplant surgery is best treatment for baldness. Hair transplantation in Pakistan is performed by hair restoration surgeons. All hair physicians do not have same professional background and competency. Our hair clinic in Pakistan has more than 14 years experience andone of the best hair transplant surgeon. Pakistan is progressing side by side with the progressing world in the medical field and there are so many good standard clinics with latest equipments. Hair fall is encountered largely by men and women in Pakistan as well and people are conscious about their hair in every society. Baldness can be very upsetting psychologically. People are often seen losing their self confidence and self-esteem with hair loss. They try to avoid social gatherings and meetings because they are conscious of their baldness and physical appearance. Hair loss can be encountered by men and women of any age at any time. Sometimes it is temporary and sometimes it is permanent and that is called male or female pattern baldness. Hair loss is not a disease rather it can happen due to any disease. It is important to figure out the reason of baldness with the help of a good hair doctor. Before treating baldness, the reason of alopecia needs to be treated to avoid progressive nature of the condition.

Hair fall usually starts from the frontal hair line and later it is followed by the top and sides of the head. This condition is usually witnessed in men. In women there is normally thinning of hair is seen all over the head rather than a bald patch. Hair thinning can be treated according to its pattern and nature. There are some medicines available that treat hair loss. The other treatment is surgical called follicular unit transplant. Hair transplantation is a permanent solution for treating male pattern baldness. There are many clinics in Pakistan working successfully in treating baldness with hair restoration.

Hair  surgery is very successful in restoring your natural hair. The hair grows typically after the surgery because the follicles are extracted from your own donor area and transplanted to the bald area. The surgery however takes few hours to complete and after that there is no looking back and your esteem and confidence is successfully restored. Hair transplantation can be performed with the Strip method. In this method the Strip of hair follicles is removed by giving an incision in the donor area. The hair follicles are separated in order to transplant them. The incision is later closed with sutures. The procedure is done with the help of local anesthesia to make it comfortable and pain less. The other technique that is used by hair clinics in Pakistan is the follicular unit extraction. FUE  is an expensive technique as compare to the Strip technique because it takes more hard work and time. It is also a pain free procedure and done by injecting local anesthesia. In this technique a single follicle is removed and re-planted. There is no incision and sutures are involved.

The results of the both techniques are fruitful and satisfying the desire of bald person. The best hair clinic is run by DR.Ahmad Chaudhry in Pakistan. He is also working as a Visiting associate Professor of hair restoration surgery in Claude Bernard University in France. He is the only choice for best hair  treatment by people.

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