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Alopecia commonly known as baldness or hair loss of any part of the body. Hair loss is a common and quite upsetting problem in both male and female. It directly affects the personality, confidence and the appearance of the person. There are few classifications of alopecia. It can be in the form of a patch, called alopecia areata. Then there is the traction alopecia which could occur by pulling hair tightly in the form of ponytail or a braid. An extreme kind of hair loss is called alopecia totalis, which can result into baldness of large area. The most common alopecia or baldness is male pattern baldness.

There can be various imminent reasons of hair loss. These factors can vary from person to person and different lifestyles. The most researched and known reasons of alopecia or hair loss are hereditary, metabolic or endocrinal changes, iron deficiency, aging, severe and continuous infections, inflammation or self immune diseases, physical trauma or any neoplastic process.

Baldness can sometimes lay very negative effect on the mind of people. They feel low-esteemed or unfit in their peer group. Hair loss can be rapid or slow. First of all we have to find the factor causing alopecia. Hair loss is differently experienced by men and women. Some kind of baldness can be treated by medical therapies offered by your doctor. In some cases, hair loss can only be treated by hair transplant surgery or implanting hair in your bald area. However, there are various products available in the market that encourage re growth of hair.

There is a kind of alopecia which is temporary e.g it could happen due to iron deficiency(commonly in female) it can be cured by medicine and hair start growing after certain treatment . Baldness is one of the most common problems encountered in the field of cosmetic surgical procedures. Alopecia that is genetic, is kind of permanent hair loss and can only be treated with hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery is the most known and advanced treatment for hair loss or alopecia .

Before adopting any method for treating hair loss, it is important that you consult your doctor about it. Alopecia is not a life threatening disease. However hair loss is a rapid growing problem among people of all ages. Baldness can be stopped or treated successfully. There are many remedies for the people who are worried due to hair loss.

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